40 and School Kids

Marcus is 40 today!
So for 6 months we are the same age and I'm not a cougar.
 He likes his birthday cakes homemade.
Can you tell these are homemade?!

Katie Belle was in sprinkle heaven!

Today Jesse had his first day of school!
So Marcus and I went to the movies to see War Room. And to lunch. 
 You can't tell by the picture, but Jesse had a great day!

KB is doing so wonderful in kindergarten. We are super relieved and thankful. Today was college t-shirt day, so she supported my red raiders. 

When I took Jesse's picture outside a frog jumped on the porch.
 He was not a fan!

 So now that both kids are in school MAYBE I can get my house unpacked and decorated! Jesse is there just 2, 5 hour days, but it will help a bunch. As you can tell from the top picture things aren't cute yet. 

I'm supposed to have a family party for Marcus here on Sunday, but we are not even close to being ready to host any kind of anything! 

Unless someone from HGTV wants to show up! I'll host them for sure!



Katie Belle started kindergarten on Monday!

The first day of school calls for sponge rollers.

 Our new house is close enough to walk!
 Dropping her off was harder than I anticipated!
Marcus really hates it! He says we are practically empty nesters now!
 I am so thankful Katie loves it. There were some tears Monday night, because she missed us. But Tuesday morning she was ready to go back.

Today was day 3 and she's still smiling!

Jesse misses her and asks for her during the day. Today he was in her room and I kept hearing him say, "stuck stuck!" This is what I found:
 He was happy and said, "hat!" Of course I had to get a picture. Then I tried to take it off and he was right, it was STUCK!

I called Marcus at the fire station, because I assumed he would have the solution. First he asked if I got a picture. Then he said, "you've got to get it off!" 

K, thanks.

I wiggled it until it finally came off. He still had a line across his forehead when he went to bed! Crazy boy!

Here he is making himself at home in Katie's classroom:
We all miss KB tons, but I'm excited for her! She's always my second set of eyes watching Jesse too. So I'm guessing I will have several more adventures to share!


The New House

We moved in our new house last Sunday!
The only rooms that were liveable were Katie and Jesse's. 

Everything is still a little bit of a disaster. 

I just found my silverware today, so things are looking up!

We keep having dry cereal for breakfast and maybe donuts once or twice!

Our families have been SO helpful! Everything from babysitting to painting.
Katie and her Aunt Pam painting in the dining room.

Here's a peek at Katie's room:

Thankfully she loves it and has slept great in there!

 And we have a playroom!
I thought "Joy" was perfect for the playroom. Hobby Lobby has lots of things 80% off to get ready for Christmas stuff (YAHOO!!) So the O and the Y were super cheap. Then I waited for the J to be half off. And I already had the frame. I'm pretty sure that came from HL too a zillion years ago.

Speaking of JOY, one of my BFF's, Courtney, is moving into my new neighborhood in about 3 weeks! We found out about a house that was going to be for sale, so we peer pressured them into buying it! Yay! We will be able to walk to each other's houses.
 Dream come true!
 She has the twins, Charis and Drew, that are Katie's age. I've mentioned them a time or a billion before. 

We are so excited!

I had to take this picture of our cars when she came to visit the other day. Both of our mirrors are hanging on by a thread...or tape! We might both be crazy drivers. I didn't have enough room when I backed out of the garage. I can't remember how Courtney messed hers up. I'm sure it was funny though!
The neighbors better watch out!

Katie starts kindergarten in 3 weeks! And then Jesse will start Mother's Day out the week after that. Then I might have some time to get my house set up! I am used to having everything done within days of moving, but I have never moved with kids before. They are cramping my style a little bit! 


We Moved! Kinda

 We moved out, but haven't moved in!

Our new house looks like this:

So we are staying with my parent's while we work on the house. 

Jesse has adjusted well!

And Katie turned 5!!!

I'm blogging from my phone for the first time! I miss my keyboard and mouse!

We are SO ready to be settled. And I bet my parents are too!


GRAY and The Princess and Jester

We have a contract on our house! 

Tomorrow we are getting our sewer line checked for leaks. We are praying there are none! 
If there are, it could cost up to $10,000 to fix. 

Let me see if I have $10,000 in my purse....umm, no!

I decided to paint gray over my pink dining room. Let's get real, pink probably appeals to about 5 people. Katie and I are two of them. And then maybe 3 of her friends. 
Marcus didn't even realize it was pink.
Now it's Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams.

The living room got painted the same color about a month ago. 

The kitchen got "grayed" too. I feel like such a grown up!
The gray got us a contract, so I like it! 
I painted my awning heirloom white too. 

I am thinking the new house will have mostly neutral walls, but I will still have colorful accessories. I'm trying to look around for ideas. I want to move in and have it decorated the next day. 
Or really flip that. 
Decorate it, then move in. 
I'm so ready! 

On Sunday night we went to a friend's house to pick up some moving boxes. Katie thought this was the appropriate attire. I was severely undressed.

I need to include the boy too!

Jesse has been making faces at Katie during meal time to make her laugh. It works every time! She giggles herself silly!
He's so funny! 
Especially with jelly on his face.
 He is starting to big boy things. It's so crazy, because I feel like he's still a newborn! The things we need to work on are waking up after the sun is up, breaking up with the bottle (honestly I don't see that happening anytime soon) and he calls me Dadda! 

And he's so proud of it too. He pats me, looks at me lovingly in the eyes and says, "Dadda!"

He's about to get a full lesson on pregnancy, heart burn, c-sections, breast feeding, and stretch marks if he doesn't say Momma soon!