How I Got My Baby

 On Sunday night the 30th, my blood pressure got super high. 
And I didn't feel well at all. I called my sister to come over, because Marcus was at the fire station. It ended up getting so high, that I called him to come home. Thankfully my sister and her kids helped me clean my house and get ready for a baby. We knew I would probably have to go to the hospital.

I already had a doctor's appointment the next day.
We dropped Katie off at my mother in law's house. And we got a last "family of 3" picture! 
 Sure enough, the doctor sent me to the hospital. I had a few hours to get some things done before I had to check in. So Marcus and I went to lunch and I got my nails and toes done! Priorities!

So I went in the hospital on March 31st. I was really hoping to not have an April Fool's baby. 
They wanted to wait to take the baby until Thursday April 3rd because that is when he would be 37 weeks. And that is considered full term. I got 2 steroid shots to help his lungs develop.
Katie has never spent the night without one of us home with her. I have only been apart from her for 24 hours at the most! And just a few times! So we were both having some separation sadness. My mom stayed with her at our house. And other relatives played with her during the day too. I'm so thankful for my family. Every time Katie left after visiting, we would both cry. I'm tearing up now thinking about it. She did so great though! 
 Marcus stayed with me at the hospital, because we never knew if they would decide last minute to take the baby if my BP got too high. I needed him there for that!

I also needed him to make a run to Target the morning of delivery, because I needed some water proof mascara! That was his first mascara purchase! 

So I made it to the 3rd and had a c-section scheduled for 11:30. 
I can't tell you how much I didn't want to do it. I am a giant baby and I was scared!
I told Marcus I felt like I was going up a scary roller coaster and I wanted OFF! 

I nearly went into panic mode. I had lots of friends praying for me. So I thought, either I trust God or I don't. I was praying to be calm and for everything to go well. For us both to be safe and healthy. So if I was praying that, and friends were praying that, then I had to believe it would be the truth. I trust God. So I decided not to say anything else negative. I kept saying, this is going to be so quick and easy! Fake it til you make it people!

When you walk into the operating room, it looks like a scary alien space ship. It's not warm and welcoming. BUT the nurses and anesthesiologist were! They were the sweetest and made things better.
Things went super smooth and quick!
I had Jesse at 12:04 pm
He was 6 lbs 11oz 
19 3/4 inches

And he cried a big cry when he came out!  
His lungs were fine and he was perfectly healthy. Thank you God. 
Honestly, the first time I heard him cry, was the first time it REALLY hit me that I was having a baby.
I have been so focused on getting things ready and then the scary surgery, that baby wasn't on my radar. 

And honestly, after 2 miscarriages, I just had to see it to believe it. I didn't let myself get too attached before he was here. I don't think that's right, but that's how I felt.
I'm attached now!

Right after they cleaned him up. 
I got to hold him and feed him in the recovery room. 

Our whole family was waiting to meet him. 
My sister made this cute wreath for our door.

Katie got to meet him first. She was so excited. She bought him this alligator on the way to the hospital.

She has been the best and sweetest big sister!

Right after I delivered they had to start me on magnesium. They do that when your BP is high, because it helps prevent a stroke or a seizure. While I didn't want either of those things, the magnesium was clearly manufactured by the devil. It makes you feel awful!

Our visitors:
Here are my mom and dad meeting Jesse. 
Nonni and Grampy

Marcus's parents.
Annie and Poppa

Marcus's sister, Pam. And our nieces, Melissa and Jennifer

Our nephew, Jeddy. 

His dad, and Marcus's brother, David.

Sister in law, Lisa

My friend, Laura, and her son Alden.

Katie came to visit everyday and she was sometimes dressed in character. This day she was Jessie from Toy Story.

My nephew, Ryan.

My niece, Morgan.

My oldest friend, Kara. I guess I should say, longest friend. 
32 years!

On Sunday I was supposed to go home, but my BP was still too high, so they made me stay another day. I cried. I was ready to be home with Katie. We had already been gone a week. So I sent Marcus home to spend time with her. 

Thankfully my friend Anna came up for a visit. The day was actually enjoyable and relaxing. Marcus stayed home that night and the nurses were good about helping me with whatever I needed.

Still swollen and puffy, but I have to share pictures of this baby's momma too! I had to give him some formula, because the magnesium made my milk come in slower.
Now he is 2 weeks old. And all that I went through was totally worth it! 
I am super glad I don't have to do it again though!


The Weekend

 This was our first real weekend as a family of four.
It went well!

Actually, right now everyday is our weekend, because Marcus has a month off of work!
He has hardly used any sick days in the last 16 years at the fire station, so he gets to use them as paternity leave. I am so grateful. And it really is needed since I had a c-section, and I am still dealing with blood pressure issues. 

We love having him home and I am brainstorming ideas to keep him here. Winning the lottery is all I have come up with so far.
  The only downside to him not going to work, is that he is not shaving either. It's a small price to pay! 

We had to get Jesse some newborn clothes, because even 0-3 month outfits were swallowing him up. I know he will chunk up real quick.

On Saturday we ran some errands and went out to eat. I was starving all the time while pregnant, but it doesn't even compare to the starving I feel now while nursing. I wish an all you can eat buffet would just follow me around!

Jesse slept through his first restaurant experience.

Then we went to an egg hunt!

Katie was so excited! They did the countdown, 3, 2, 1 and she ran to get some eggs and got scared and turned back to her daddy for some help! So glad I got it on video!

 We met Drew there. Charis had an ear infection and we missed her.

They had to sample their loot.

And Stephen got to meet Jesse for the first time.

I'm still sleepy, but I am trying to enjoy these days of newborness, because I know it passes quickly! My kids will be off to college before I know it. 

Then I will take a giant nap! 


Things are Cute and Sleepy Around Here

 We are still enjoying this baby.

 Katie has been the BEST big sister ever. 
She loves to play Jesse music when he cries. 
She can always calm him down.

There are so many details about the last week I don't want to forget. This blog is my kids' baby book. So I will get to that soon. 
First I need a nap!

Katie came dressed up in some pretty cute outfits to the hospital! 
This night I got to have a picnic with Tinker Bell!
Having a boy will be all new territory for me! 
I'm excited to have a little Spiderman or Superman in my house!


Katie's a Big Sister!

 We have a baby boy!
Jesse Bryant
was born 
April 3rd 12:04 pm
6lbs 11oz 19 3/4 inches long

I love this proud look on Katie's face! 
She got to meet him first. And she calls him baby brother.

She bought him an alligator from Golightly's. She's had that picked out for months!

I have been in the hospital since Monday the 31st, because my blood pressure got too high. It was heartbreaking to be away from Katie. She came to visit everyday. 
They decided since my blood pressure wouldn't go down, they should deliver the baby. I got steroid shots for 2 days before he was born, to help his lungs. Thankfully he was perfect and healthy born at 37 weeks. 

I had a c-section and then the doctor put me on magnesium to help prevent a stroke or seizure due to high blood pressure. I heard it was going to be a little bit of a nightmare and it was! I felt horrible. He was worth it though. 
 Marcus stayed at the hospital with me all week!
My mom stayed at our house with Katie and other family helped with her too. 
I'm so grateful for our family.

I didn't get to come home until last night, because my blood pressure was still high! I was really disappointed. So now I am on medicine for the next 6 to 8 weeks and trying to take it easy. Have any of you had this issue after delivery? I just want to know what to expect.

I am taking one for the team by showing this picture.
 I am so swollen and full of fluids and not very cute, but the other 3 are adorable! 

I plan on sharing a million more pictures and details soon.
I just needed to announce that I have a son!


Nesting and Playing

 I'm a woman on a mission trying to getting ready for our newest member of the family. 
Yesterday I cleaned behind our fridge and wiped down kitchen cabinets. I am sure the baby will be inspecting those things when he comes home!

I think I just want things clean and organized so I don't have a "to do" list hanging over my head. I just want to enjoy baby time and try to give Katie enough attention also.

We are having some fun too. 

This is Katie and Marcus watching "Let it Go" on YouTube. 
She's letting Marcus sing along here:
 But then she said "that's enough!"

 We went to watch Charis get her ears pierced at the mall on Friday! 
It was so exciting! 

Her brother and cousin came too!

 She was so brave and didn't even cry! I think Courtney and I almost did though!

Katie wasn't up for getting her ears pierced, but she did get a hair cut! 
Charis was very supportive! 

On Sunday, we got our first snow cone of the year!  
It was in the 50's outside, but it was still good! 
You can see Katie's cute hair cut here. 

Then on Monday, Katie's friend, Clint, came over to play. 
She was waiting impatiently at the window for him. 
She insisted on being a ballerina! 
The super awesome thing is that Clint came dressed as a ninja! 
These kids know how to live life!

Tomorrow I plan on doing things like cleaning baseboards and washing my couch pillows. Maybe if I dress up like a ballerina it will be more fun?