I took Katie with me to take pictures at Golightly's for their FB page and blog, last week. 
She wanted to be in every picture. She kept posing in front of stuff.
"Take my picture with this!"

And I have another little poser on my hands too.
Jesse gives me a giant grin when I hold my camera up.
He's a genius! 
 (and apparently, I'm not, because anytime I try to spell genius, I do it wrong and spell check makes a squiggly line under it, mocking me! )

I was telling Marcus, Jesse's new trick and pulled out my camera to prove it. Thankfully he didn't make me look like a liar.
 He cheesed it up.
I promise he's not in his high chair all the time! 
And his shirts are wet all the time. He's kind of a slime ball. 
A super cute slime ball! 

The Patch

The Pumpkin Patch is a tradition every fall. And we always have to go with the Osbornes. We will do this with our kids until we have grand kids! 

Katie, Drew and Charis in 2014

And Katie, Drew and Charis in 2010. 
Katie was brand new at 3 months old and the twins were 10 months old.

And this year they had a little addition to their gang!
Jesse's first pumpkin patch. 

Same truck with most of the same kids in 2011.

Katie and Charis

 And Katie and Charis in 2010.



My little pumpkin this year:
Courtney's going to have to have another baby, so Jesse has a friend to grow up with! 
His personality is even cuter than his face!

We always go to Hall's Pumpkin farm in Grapevine. We are actually going back this week. It was a steamy 90 degrees and super crowded when we went on Saturday.
 We want a do over!


Messy Jesse or Woody?

I am already seeing differences in having a boy vs a girl. 
I left Jesse alone for a second in Katie's room and he dominated his play mat.
He was super proud of himself!

My sister got Jesse these Ahh-Dorable Woody PJs.
Katie told everyone Jesse's name was going to be Woody before he was born.
 Then Katie said his name could also be Buzz Lightyear or Jesus.
So we compromised. Jesse is Woody's sister's name (I don't love that) and it's kind of similar to Jesus. It's a Bible name and Jesse was Jesus's great, x's a bunch, grandfather.

These made me laugh out loud when I put them on him!

Oh and Marcus shaved Jesse's head the other night. I need to get a better picture of his 'do. He cut about a pound of hair off. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy having the nervous giggles and sweats as it was going down.
Still cute though!


Posing and Pumpkin Painting

Katie had pumpkin patch day at school last week. 
We found this cute dress at Sam's. 
After Halloween I will take off the little Jack-O-Lantern and replace it with something else. 

The best news is that she let me put her hair in pig tails! 
She keeps telling me she's too old for pig tails! 
OK 4 year old.
She wanted to dance during our photo shoot:

On Sunday after church I had my Senior girls Sunday School class over to paint pumpkins and have pizza. 
(look! I painted that wall AGAIN! 6th time in 4 years!)

This is my 6th year to do this and it's always so much fun!

I really love these girls. I have had them in 9th, 10th and now 12th grade. I will miss them next year!

And I am going to have to pray about my feelings for Texas A&M, because lots of them want to go there.
I even helped Heather create the right color of maroon for her. So I am changing my ways.

They all made the cutest pumpkins!  
Some of them studied Pinterest before they came over.
I told them the first year I hosted this 6 years ago 3 of the girls made Jonas Brothers pumpkins!

All the girls...and Matt with his pig pumpkin.
Matt is dating my friend, Julie. She works in our youth department. 
I know Matt's mom from Golightly's and I love her tons. I knew Julie and Matt would be the perfect fit for each other, so I set them up last year. 
Maybe I will get to be the flower girl in their wedding one day?!

Look, Beach Barbie and Ken. 

I'm having fun with fall, but I am getting super excited about decorating for Christmas!


One Fell Off and Bumped His Head

 I love this baby's cute face.
Everyone mentions that Jesse is such a happy baby. I always respond with, "Well, if he's being held or getting attention..." 
I just need to be thankful that he's happy and social. He loves when I talk to him and that might not always be the case!

I'm getting excited to see what his personality is going to be like.

Last week we went to the doctor for his 6 month check up.
 He was 17 lbs 10 oz and 27 inches long. 
I'm feeling a little sentimental about him today, because he had his first injury. 
We were getting ready for church this morning and he fell off my bed! 
I have a tall bed and hard wood floors. 
I saw it happen and couldn't reach him in time.

I felt terrible. I am so thankful he's OK. 
 Since confession is good for the soul, I will also mention that I accidentally clipped his finger yesterday while trying to clip his nails. 
Mother of the year!

Tomorrow I will dress him in bubble wrap topped off with a helmet.
And I will try to keep all sharp objects at a safe distance.
Your mommy loves you Jesse Bryant!