A Llama Party!

Katie Belle turned 8 on July 14th!
She loves llamas. I'm sure next year llama party supplies will be overflowing off the shelves in stores. But this year I had to do some hunting. 

Hobby lobby had some cute llama pictures on their sale aisles. They purge some cute things to get ready for Christmas! So these pictures were just $4! 

 My niece, Melissa, made the cutest and best tasting llama cake ever! 
We are so lucky to have our own cake maker in the family.

And my sister, Kelly, made Katie's shirt!

My parents:

Marcus's parents:

cousin Jeddy:

 My sister's family:

Marcus's sister's family:

Marucs's brother's family minus Jeddy who is above:

Earlier in the day I surprised Katie with her cousins, Morgan and Ryan. They took her to the water park! They are both on the swim team and Ryan is a life guard! And Ryan rides all the scary stuff Katie likes. I am so grateful for them. 

KB couldn't believe no grownups were going!  

In the morning we had birthday donuts and presents!

 One of her gifts was The Greatest Showman record! 

Jesse totally enjoyed that gift too! 

We sure love our girl!
(This is how Marcus still pictures her. )
8 is going to be so fun! 


Long Lost Friend

Hey! I just got a new computer, so I'm hoping to blog my life again. Just for our sake, because I want to document all this fun we're having! Katie Belle just turned 8 and Jesse is 4.
We are in the sweet spot and I know it! 

We moved 3 years ago and I never set up our computer. I do everything from my phone. It's hard to blog from a phone. Right now I'm learning it's hard to get used to a keyboard after just using a phone. I've had to hit backspace one billionty times to fix my mistakes!

I'm still constantly doing house projects:

And here are the kids at our most recent trip to Red River this summer:

It will be 10 years in September that I started this blog. I just don't want to give up on it. It's so fun to go back and read all the stories from even before Katie was born! 

Now I probably need to go back and fill in some of the blanks. At least birthdays and holidays.

Speaking of holidays. Anyone else getting excited about all the Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby?!


My Teeny Tiny Brand New Baby is 3?!

This little pumpkin turned 3 on the 3rd!

Jesse might be too cool for his crib. Or maybe too old?
He is just a teeny tiny brand new baby after all!

Jesse wanted a dinosaur party. 
His cutie cousin, Melissa, made his cake.

Jesse got a bike from his great Aunt Cindy.

Uncle Davey, Jeddy and Aunt Sisi

Uncle Jeff, Melissa, Aunt Pam and Jennifer

Aunt Kelly, Uncle Darren, Morgan and Ryan

Annie and Poppa

Nonni and Grampy

My favorites:

What a gift this boy is! 

Things he says that melts our hearts:
You're my best buddy
You are beautiful (boofull)
You so pretty mom
I'm glad you're home
You a good driver

He also says, "I need a treat in my mouth right now!"
And if it doesn't happen in his time frame; "Hey! I don't have a treat in my mouth yet!"

He asked Katie Belle, "Why you talk angry at me? You need to be patient. Take a deep breath!" 
It turns out he learned that from Daniel Tiger. 
Thanks PBS! 

Jesse Bryant, you are a joy and a blessing.
 I'm glad you're mine!

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Christmas Home Tour 2016

Everybody else is packing up their Christmas decorations and I'm just sharing mine. That about sums up my punctuality! 

Jesse's room:

This is Jesse❤

This is the bathroom between the kids' rooms. I found that shower curtain at Kmart when we were out of town last year! 

Katie Belle's room:

She put all the ornaments on herself!

This is my little decoratoršŸ’œ:

The playroom:

I am in love with Christmastime. It's so fun and sparkly and joyful! And our joy comes from Jesus as we celebrate His  birthday! 

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