Hello From The Other Side

 Here's the other side of the dining room. 
I just changed the fabric on my dining room chairs.
 It's a Waverly fabric and it fits my Rainbow Brite/Punky Brewster style!

I also painted my front door. 

And we inherited a family piano recently (nobody died), so it's been fruit basket turnover with all my furniture. 

This dresser was in the playroom. I painted the top black. It was a 5 minute makeover and I love it!

 Here's a picture of the dining area before we bought the house. 

And now. 
New paint on the ceiling and walls, new light and hardwood floors. 

Tomorrow I have 5 hours of kid free time, so I'm going to tackle another project.
It involves this paper template my dad made me!
Mother's Day out twice a week is a lifesaver. 
I super appreciate it and thankfully Jesse is overjoyed to go too!


Plates and Panties

 Are plates on the wall, old news?

I still like them and I'm not really a rule follower, so it's fine.
I like how my Walmart/Pier 1/TJ Maxx/grocerystore/Anthropologie plates go with my family heirloom plates. 

One big happy crazy mismatched plate family!

I sold my corner china cabinet, because I'm in a purging mood. After my Christmas wonderland comes down, I get the itch to redecorate!

So I've mostly been doing house projects that include spray paint and glitter. And I'm ignoring my laundry.

I had a nice laundry pile on the couch and Jesse found a "hat". 

A My Little Pony undies hat!

They will come in handy if he robs a bank:

This is his Tupac look:

These pics WILL resurface sometime in his teenage years. 
I'm sure of it!


I Wanna Build a Snowman!

Are you covered in snow?
It was in the 60's here today.
I'm thankful for pretty park days, but I NEED at least one snow day.


We've had lots of pretty pink sunrises and sunsets this winter.

Katie Belle turned 5 1/2 last week!
I tried to warn her that kids at school wouldn't care, but she told everyone anyway!

We started the day with donuts...

Then we had ice cream after school. 
Some green beans were consumed with dinner to even things out a little. 
So far 5 1/2 is lots of fun and a little sassy.

My sweet Mother in law turned 75 yesterday! We celebrated all weekend. 

Of course my niece made the cake. She has quite the booming business now. She has to turn down orders sometimes, because she gets so many!

 January is supposed to be slow and a time for hibernation after the holidays, but that hasn't been the case around here! 

Life is busy, but it's all good stuff! 

Best for last:
I had lunch with Katie Belle at school and brought a surprise guest. 
Charis didn't have school, so she came with me.



Christmas Home Tour!

Merry, happy, joyful Christmas to you!
I super love Christmas time and all magicalness and goodwill towards men!
I think Santa is adorable and fun, but we are celebrating Jesus's birthday here! 

This is our first Christmas in this house, so it was fun to decorate! 

This is my favorite project that we did!
It's just old fence from our backyard. I'm thankful for a handy husband. Nobody should trust me with a saw!

My friend, Anna, gave me her old brass chandelier. I was so thankful for it. My old chandelier made me sad! This one got some spray paint and some paper around the light covers! 
Instant JOY!

I need to paint my front door. Any color suggestions?

Love my kitchen tree with all the treats!

This side just got a few little trees on top of the cabinets.
Cabinet hardware is still on my To Do list. Maybe Santa will bring some?

Our backsplash is just old fence also:

The plan was subway tile, but all my remodeling dollars were gone after we put the counters in. So this was FREE! One day we may do the tile.

Katie Belle made a Christmas plate at school. I did the same thing at her age. She couldn't believe I had one too!

This is her room:

I think we will both be sad to take the giant snowflake down! 

Does a unicorn tree topper say "unto us a child is born, and he is Christ the Lord"?
 Probably not, but God made us whimsical and silly. So I think it's ok. And Katie Belle is positive there are unicorns in Heaven, so...

Her red tree has all the ornaments she has gotten every year from my mom. And ones that she has picked out herself. 

Jesse just got a tiny tree and some garland on a high shelf due to the fact that he's 1 1/2. 
This was best for everyone. 

He has actually been really great with all the decorations. I DID find a little football stuck in the living room tree yesterday though! 

The playroom:

As I was taking this picture I saw the kids out the (dirty) window, riding their car. 
Love them!

(Marcus was out there with them. We don't leave our children unattended in motorized vehicles. That clarification was for my mom's sake.) 

Here they are from the other day:

This is Jesse's favorite thing to do right now. And KB's favorite thing to do is make Jesse happy...most of the time anyway.

Our room. 
It's always clean and I make my bed everyday.
Not true.
If Marcus is at the fire station, I'm usually sleeping with a pile of laundry!

I made my bed just for you!

"I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David, a saviour has been born to you;
 He is the Messiah, the Lord."