A Week Long Celebration

So Katie turned 4 on Monday the 14th. 
We started having fun a few days before. If you work it right, birthdays can last for at least a week.

Last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chic fil A. Or as my mom used to accidentally call it, Chic A fil.

So if you dressed like a cow, you got a free meal. 
Katie was more than happy to wear her Jessie costume.

And since the date was 7/11 it was also free Slurpee day! 
 You know I was all over that!

I felt thrifty that day! And Katie said, "this is a really exciting day!"

That night we went to Friday Night Fireworks with the Osbornes

The next day was Katie's Frozen party. That was big fun!

Then Monday was her actual real #4 birthday! 
She woke up WAY too early! So I made her get in my bed until her daddy came home from work. That's about 7:30 am

 We had cinnamon rolls.
Then our plan was to ride the train in Fort Worth, but it's closed on Mondays. So we went to the splash pad. 

Jesse got to wear his bathing suit for the first time.

After that we went to lunch and Katie got to stop at the bakery for a treat. 


After nap time (at 4 she still naps! Praise the Lord!) we planned to go to Six Flags but it started raining. Coincidentally Katie just got this Frozen umbrella that day in the mail from my cousin. 

We headed to Six Flags anyway, hoping the rain would clear up. 
We got a snow cone on the way. 
Pink Mermaid with gummie bears!
The rain didn't stop, so we just got to ride the merry go round and go home.
Katie's Aunt Pam and Cousin Melissa came over and played with her that night. They broke out all her new birthday toys. 
Then that night I slept in Katie's room and we had a little slumber party. 
Marcus had baby duty! 
(I probably had more fun than he did)

 So since the train was closed on Monday, we went on Friday.

Then we went to Dutch's for some hamburgers. 

Katie LOVES her little brother. 
She either calls him my little brother or just brother. I don't know that she's called him Jesse yet? 
And he loves her the most!


And Katie got a bike for her birthday!
She is already so great at riding it. 

Tonight we took it to my parent's house, because they have nice big sidewalks to ride on. 
And then she and Marcus could jump in the pool to cool off. 
I love her face in this picture!
We have had a fun time celebrating our big 4 year old! 

As I am recalling our week, I am feeling so convicted. Yesterday was a hard day. It included some whining, gallons of spit up and also poop on my shirt (not mine). And I was so tired, I could hardly function. I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking "this is NOT fun!"  Not everyday can be snow cones and splash pads, but I live a pretty sweet life. 
Smelling like sour milk just keeps you humble!


Wrinkles and Pimples

Kelly's Korner is hosting a 
"All about Make up" party.

I am thankful for make up and I love hearing about what other people use. 

40 is knocking at my door and I need all the help I can get. 

Speaking of 40, I'm kind of sad that I need

(mary kay Timewise eye repair)
And this 
at the same time in my life!

It's not fair to have to worry about wrinkles AND zits.

The other day I bought hair color and diapers (for the baby, not for me) and I thought maybe those should be in 2 different life stages too!

So my goal in life right now is to moisturize without clogging pores also!

 I have oily skin and live in hot, sweaty, humid Texas so I really love this Primer. 
It helps me not look like my face is melting off. And it makes my make-up go on smooth and stay on better.

And I really love this little beauty blender sponge. I wanted it for a while, but it's $20! That seems high for a little sponge. It's really worth it though. I use it for my concealer, BB cream or foundation. You just get it damp before applying. 
Hallelujah and Praise the Lord for concealer! 
I have a 3 1/2 month old, so I haven't slept in 3 1/2 months. The dark circles under my eyes will tell you the same story.
 I use this Sephora concealer and it works wonders. 

I just started using  BB cream . 
 I was scared of it before. I'm not sure why? I don't like the name. I'm not sure why again? 

I love it for the summer, because it's light weight, but it also covers really well. It's just a natural glowy look.

I use this eyeliner. It's water resistant and sweat proof:

And I really love the Urban Decay Naked Pallet eye shadows. 
I have pallet #2 on the bottom. I have had it 2 years and all the colors are pretty full. I'm sure it's expired by now, but it still works fine for me!

 I use Younique 3D fiber lash mascara. I liked it so much, that now I'm a presenter for them.

 It has made a HUGE difference in my wimpy lashes. 

 Here's my whole face, almost, so you know who you're getting info from.

"You're never fully dressed without a smile!"
-Annie Warbucks



Out Of My Comfort Zone!

 A few months ago I mentioned my friend Michelle was selling Younique 3D fiber lash mascara. 
 I hosted an online party for her and several of you ordered. I really liked the product. I was super preggo and didn't use it everyday and then had a baby, so make up didn't happen everyday. The company came out with a new formula, and I wanted to try it. 
I love it even more!

During my online party for Michelle, I was trying to take pics like this to show the difference, but I looked cross eyed in every one!
 So I didn't do it. 
I made myself do it this time, and I seriously can't believe the difference. 
 I have hooded eyelids and short lashes, so you really can't see them when they are nekkid.

I honestly was happy with my old mascara before, but this is so fun!
I love putting on my make up everyday now. 
I have "sleepy, haven't slept good in 3 1/2 months, blood shot eyes" and this makes them look better!

 I also noticed how much fun Michelle and our other friend Kari were having with the company. And they are making GOOD money.  
I wanted to join the fun. I was nervous and I have a newborn, so the timing isn't the best. BUT THEN, I saw this and it totally convinced me:

I want to be apart of a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
I am presenter 53,500, so there are more than 50,000 presenters now, but still less than 100,000.

Also, in July Younique is offering free shipping on the new presenter's kit.  
Which is just $99 by the way and I got tons of stuff! 
So I got my kit about a week ago. I ordered several other things too, because I got some free things and a half off item for hosting that party for Michelle. I ordered my things after I signed up to be a presenter. And 3 hours after I ordered, I had $1.92 in my account! I got commission for things that I ordered for myself and got paid right away!(they pay you everyday!) So right away I was happy and impressed with the company. (I realize $1.92 is not much money, but I didn't spend much, because I had credit. It was just crazy to get $ from my own order!)

I wanted to try the different items first before I publicly represented the company.  
I am really loving the products! 
And I also wanted to observe how they did things too. I don't want to be apart of anything that's pushy or manipulative. To me integrity is waaaay more important than money. I have been so pleased with everything I have experienced with them. All the girls are so willing and excited to help each other. And all the training materials are more about building relationships than about "selling".

The motto of the company is to 
Uplift, Empower, and Motivate. 

Here's more about the mascara and how it works.

It's safe for contact wearers and people with sensitive eyes.
And They have a "Love It" guarantee. You can return any item if you're not happy. 

All of their products are all natural or naturally based.

And there was this article in All Parenting Magazine. 
It's exciting to be apart of something so big!

It's totally out of my comfort zone. I don't like selling things at all! 
I love that this is all done online. No home parties are needed. I don't have to stand up and give a presentation. That would be a sad sight, I'm pretty sure!  

So right now I am hosting an online party here
And even though I am the presenter now, I can have my own party and earn FREE make up! 

If you want to have an online party with your friends too, (it's easiest to do it on FB) let me know. It's fun to  get free things!

Or if you are interested in this as a business opportunity too, let me know if you have questions. It would be fun to be on a team together. I love all my blog friends!

I am really excited to be staying home with my kids and also contributing financially to my family.


A Frozen Four

My little girl is 4!
Like most 4 year olds this year, Katie had a Frozen party! 
My friend Catherine made the invitations and several decorations.

I got Katie's shirt from Etsy and of course I had to get her brother an Olaf onesie:

My niece, Melissa, made the awesome cake! Katie couldn't believe it when she came in! 
Best cake ever! 

We still just have family parties, because all our family lives close and there are a lot of us. 
This year Katie's BFF's Charis and Drew came. They are really family too. 


My parent's with Jesse. He got passed around a lot!

Poor girl hardly got any presents!

My brother in law, Jeff tore his Achilles tendon the night before playing soft ball. So he had to recline most of the party. Surgery is in his near future. 

Jesse loves Ms. Courtney!

Cake Time!

The birthday girl and the Cake Boss. 

Katie loves cake! 

And presents! 

Melissa, Katie, Jennifer. Cousins! 

Uncle Fifi (David) He gave her some pretty pink heart earrings.

Cousin Jeddy:

An Elsa dress from Nonni! 

Cousins Morgan and Ryan gave her a jeep for her doll and a camper too. Marcus is excited to play with that! 

Aunt Sisi (Lisa) made Katie some super cute dresses! She's so talented! 

Poppa and Annie (Marcus's parents)

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Darren:

Nonni and Grampy. (my parents)

Pinata time! 
This is the best picture of Charis ever! 

Then we went to Marcus's brother's house to watch Frozen!
Uncle Fifi and Aunt Sisi to Katie Belle! 

Pretty amazing! 

Silly Drew and Charis. 

Our own personal movie theater.

Jesse fell asleep on the way over. (a 5 minute ride) He slept though the whole movie. 
When we got home, I left him in his car seat and put him next to my bed and he slept until 3:30 am.
He must have partied too hard! 
We did lots of celebrating with our 4 year old over the weekend, but if you've made it this far, you are already an honorary family member. I will save the rest for later!