I know Mother's Day is old news by now, but it has to be documented! 

Marcus was at the fire station on Mother's day, so I met my family out to eat after church.
Have you been out to eat with a one year old? 
My picture looks better in black and white, because Jesse had me sweating. He's not going with me to a restaurant for a loooong time.
I love my kids and I am thankful and humbled to be their mom!

My mom with her grands...

We had Marcus's parents over for dinner on Monday night since he missed Mother's Day. I had him hide behind his mom, because he didn't have a cute outfit on. :)
Let me just say, I would not be surviving motherhood if it weren't for my mom and mother-in-law. They are such a HUGE help to me! I am grateful! 

We also got to celebrate my super cute nieces' birthdays! 
Jennifer and Melissa:
Melissa made the fabulous cake!

Katie finished up the soccer class she was taking at the rec center. 
She really liked it! She's a good mix of girly girl and tom boy.

And this punkin is ALL BOY:
Jesse climbed into his umbrella stroller backwards and then he fell face first to the ground.
I was SURE his nose was broken.
(I promise he's not a neglected child. He's just faster than me!)

We went to the doctor the next day and everything looked good.
He is healing really well and is as cute as ever! 

 The day Jesse went to the doctor, it was also Pastries with Parents day at Katie's school. So my mom filled in as the parent.
Katie was thrilled and didn't miss me a bit! 

The other day Marcus wanted to go for a walk and I really wanted a Coke Icee. So we joined forces and walked to get a Coke Icee.
We were both happy. 
We have to think creatively to make our "oppositeness" work. 

Can you believe it's about to be Memorial Day? I feel like Christmas JUST happened! 
And now it's already time for Hobby Lobby to start decking the halls for the holidays!


A Wedding, 2 Birthdays, and Graduation

I went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! 

It's been about a year and a half in the making. 
One day I called my friend, Susan, and told her I had the perfect girl for her son! 
Susan and me

Within 45 minutes, Matt contacted Julie and asked her out!

Then a little over a year later they got engaged! 
And now they are married and honeymooning in Hawaii. 
They are a match made in Heaven! 

I can't even take credit, because it was really God that told me they should be together. I feel humbled and honored to be the matchmaker. 

Susan invited me to the rehearsal dinner and it was amazing!

And she gifted me with this beautiful flower arrangement!

The wedding was perfect and so "them". 

This was Katie's first wedding and she loved it. She's been talking about them nonstop. " I bet they are having lots of fun in Hawaii! And I bet they can't stop kissing each other!"

She's probably right!

Julie works in the youth department at our church, so lots of them came to the wedding. 

Here I am with some of the girls from my Sunday School class. They are all taller than me! 

After the wedding, we went to a little birthday party for my mom!
She was on a cruise on her actual birthday, so this was a little belated. 

Not sure why my dad put a zero candle on there. She's not zero. She's zero plus 67.
Jesse grabbed that cake right after this picture. 

He fell asleep within a minute of getting in the car. His hand didn't even have time to lower yet from rubbing his eyes, before he conked out.

The party continued...
Yesterday was Senior Sunday.

All the seniors were recognized during church, then there was a luncheon. They had a slideshow of each kid growing up. So sweet. It makes you realize how quickly time passes! 

These are my girls and I love them to pieces. I will miss them so much next year. And I am also excited to hear about all their college adventures!

My niece, Melissa, turned 16 this weekend! Her party is on Friday, but the kids and I took her to lunch today. 
(Next time remind me to leave Jesse at home. He's cute, but not a fun lunch date.)

She got a new trampoline for her birthday and she showed Katie some tricks. 
This was AFTER we ate Mexican food. You can do that kind of thing when you're 16.
I am so thankful for all the lovely people in my life. 
I am blessed for sure!


I Miss You!

I miss my blog and my blog people! 

I need to fit blogging into my day, because it's how I am documenting Katie and Jesse's childhood. I don't have a scrapbook or album anywhere! 

Katie practically has every sneeze and toot recorded. Jesse will see that he was born...then he had a first birthday!
 (I love you just as much Jesse, promise!)

So here is our life lately:

We went to visit Marcus at the fire station last week!

This little toot is still a toot! 

Katie got roller skates at my sister in law's garage sale. They are her new favorite thing and she wants to wear them ALL THE TIME!  

I went to a lingerie shower for my friend and brought these cute cookies my (almost 16 year old) niece made! She's the cake baker, but she makes delicious cookies too.

Katie got one and she thought it was so funny to eat an underwear cookie! 

We have had lots and lots of rain here lately, so our flowers are blooming!

I am loving the spring weather. 
Soon it will be melt your face off weather, and I am not really a fan.

See you soon!
For real though!


On My Toes

This boy, who cannot even walk yet, is a mountain climber.

He pushed a box by the potty to climb on top.

Then he emptied Marcus's library.
and he said, "UH OH!" 500 times.
And he's the one that took the toilet paper off the holder. 
It ended up in the toilet.  The whole roll!

Here he climbed on the chair to get to Katie's table. Stinker!
It's not like we are just taking a nap and letting him roam free. We turn around for one second to maybe brush our teeth, or sneeze and he's up to something! 

This will be fun!

Look how harmless he looks while he sleeps:

I wish the flash didn't go off for this picture. I love how Jesse is looking at Katie. He looks at her like that all the time. They love each other so much!
 They are complete opposites. Katie never climbed on anything, unless she asked permission 12 times first. 

She is lots of fun too. Katie and Marcus went to the deer lease for a couple of days last week. 
She helped catch this fish. gross. Then they threw it back, because neither of them eat fish. 

Panting with the dogs:

 When she got back in town, we went to see Home with her cousins, Ryan and Morgan. 
It was really cute. 
Katie's not in the picture. She got a little emotional after the movie.There were some sad/anxious parts and it hit her when it was over and she wasn't eating popcorn anymore!

And random, but have you seen these necklaces at Walmart? $7!!
They are like the ones I used to sell for $25!
I got the yellow one. They feel much cheaper than my other ones, and the chain link part did break already. (it can be fixed) BUT for $7, I still think it's a bargain! 

Jesse is safely sleeping in his bed right now, and that's why I have time to sit for 5 minutes and blog. I am just now wondering how long I have until he starts climbing out of that crib?!
 I may need to invest in one of those cage/net things that goes on top!


Wacko Waco Trip

A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip with some friends to Waco!
It's just a little over an hour from here. 

Michelle, Rene, Me, Courtney, Catherine, Paige

Waco is not really a tourist destination, but we just wanted to get AWAY.  
So this was a good, close, inexpensive choice. And two of our girls are Baylor grads, so they knew the good places to go.
We stopped at Magnolia first. It was packed. I am excited for them to open up the shop in the silos and have more room. And also, it's another excuse for a road trip!  
I am so happy for their success.

Then we went to Spice. It was the cutest shop. We ate lunch downstairs first. 
I didn't have to feed anyone, wipe mouths, pick up food off the floor or anything!

I almost got that turquoise crown for Katie's room. Maybe I need to go back?

Then we got to our hotel. Courtney had to bring her Keurig machine. I told her if I owned a Slurpee machine, I would have brought it too!

Catherine and Rene made us cute swag bags. 
And this is Paige and Rene, by the way. Don't give her any credit for the bags. 
Oh and we are in a fake sorority, because we are complete dorks like that. 
The "in case of emergency" were some extra undies. I don't think anyone had to use theirs, but I almost had to about 5 times! (you know from laughing too hard. I don't have issues)
We had Mexican food that night, but no pictures. And then stayed up WAY too late, but got to sleep in! 

Brunch the next morning:

On the way out of town we stopped at Common Grounds. (They were on Fixer Upper too) It was a super cute place!

While I was out of town, Marcus took the kids to an egg hunt, because he's awesome.

And when I got back in town, I wanted to crawl straight into my bed, BUT I went to a car show with my family. That's the right thing to do after you ditch them for a night.

Katie picked IHOP for our dinner. 
And I gave Jesse his first lemon!

I love my family, but it was so nice to get away with my friends. 
Hopefully it will happen again soon!