Christmas Ideas

I have been peeking at Pinterest for some Christmas decorating ideas. 
It can really be a time sucker, but it's exciting. 
I looked up "colorful Christmas" and then I was in whimsical Christmas Heaven! 

I guess when I have 4 hours to kill I need to search Whimsical Christmas too!

I pinned this, because I think Katie would puffy heart LOVE it! 
This cute pic didn't have a URL. I hate not giving credit where credit is due. 

She is so excited about Christmas decorating. 
I have my stuff down from the attic already, because I needed to organize it and get rid of a few things. Katie has spent HOURS in the garage going through my stuff. She sings lots of songs as she's playing with everything. 
It's fun to have a another family member who appreciates a festive (possibly over the top or gaudy?)  home as much as I do. Marcus doesn't squeal about a cute Santa or colorful Christmas ribbon like Katie and me! Go figure? 

Let's talk about shopping for a minute:

 As of right now all but one of the boot socks I posted last night, are sold. 
 I found this picture to show you what boot socks/boot cuffs/leg warmers are. Cute huh?
Some people want more brown and cream ones, so I am hoping I can get more. Let me know if you want some too. I can add you to my order. (I need your email address if you placed an order or if you want to place an order!!!)

While I am at the Dallas Market, I will for sure be getting more of these wristlets too. They are one of my best sellers. I LOVE them! I gave a couple as gifts and got them monogrammed. I feel like I need one now too.
 Here's the inside. They have room for your phone and keys, plus your giant wad of cash!
My supplier called me today and said they just got a shipment in. When I went yesterday they only had a few left. So if you want one of these let me know what color and I will try to get it. They are $20. Or $25 with tax and shipping. They are a great Christmas gift for friends, gift exchanges, teachers, your hair dresser, you get the point.
 OK, I can't talk about Christmas shopping without mentioning my Younique mascara. I am in LOVE with this stuff. It just makes me so happy! 

 You get free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

 And we were in Soap Opera Digest from a Days star:

I am just having lots of fun being apart of this growing company! 
You can always order here.
If you're curious how it works, here's a good "how to" video from one of our presenters: 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy as Katie Belle Watson would say...with a lisp.


Boot Socks and A Birthday Boy

A cold front is coming in tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it! 
I went to the Dallas Market today to stock up on cute scarves to bring up to Golightly's. While I was there I found these adorable boot socks. 
I guess they technically NOT socks, but really leg warmers. I wanted to sound less "Jane Fonda" They peek out from under your boots. I love them and have been wanting to get some.
The person in front of me was getting 30 of them! They have been a good seller for her. 
Anyway, I thought I would offer them up on my blog first before I brought them to Golightly's. They are $15. That includes tax AND shipping too. 
I have 2 brown, 1 gray, 2 cream and 2 1black. One with buttons and one without. Leave a comment if you want one.(or if you want me to try to get more)  I will send you a pay pal invoice tomorrow. 

Today is my nephew, Jeddy's (Jedidiah) 11th birthday!
My niece, Melissa, made the cake. 
She put a zip line on it because Jeddy just got one in his back yard for his birthday!
Melissa originally made 2 cakes with the zip line going between them. She made her trees too big and fancy and they crashed on the cakes! Poor girl had to start all over. She always does an awesome job!

Jeddy also got a new puppy!
This is Charlie with my other niece, Jennifer. She's Melissa's sister in case you want to figure out our family tree!

It was such a fun party! 
Jesse's hamming it up for the camera!

Our family with the birthday boy:

Katie was so proud to give him his gift and hand made card.
Katie and Jesse have the best cousins! 

OK let me know if you want some boot socks!
Happy Cold Front! 


Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci and sharing my favorite things. 

I LOVE this time of year. So everything right now is a "Favorite". I am giddy thinking about Christmas time right around the corner! 
I know people want to say "Keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving. blah blah blah" 
Well, I am THANKFUL for Christmas, AND that phrase really doesn't make sense if you think about it.

ABC Family has their 25 Days of Christmas schedule out!
I love to program my DVR for all my faves.

Bath and Body Works has all their Christmas scents out now!  
And they are on sale too!
I got this Twisted Peppermint last year and loved it. It was perfect for a nauseous pregnant girl. BUT I also found that it was heavenly to use in the hot Texas summer! I used the soap and the lotion and it made me feel cool and tingly. That's what you need when its 110 degrees outside. I will stock up on this for sure!

Have you had Chick-fil-A's chick-n minis? I know they have been around forever.  
Just in case you though it would be weird to eat chicken for breakfast, I need to tell you that you are so wrong. 
 They are delish. I go to a Mom 2 Mom group every other Monday. Lots of times someone brings these as apart of our breakfast buffet. It makes me so happy. I want you to be happy too! 

My kids in matching jammies makes me happy also!
I LOVE that Katie Belle has a brother. I'm still a little surprised by that! 
My favorite kids:
I got their cute penguin PJs at Carters.
Christmas pajamas are definitely a favorite thing!

You don't have to feel sorry for me. This is NOT my dinner. 

One of my favorite smells is apples and cinnamon. 
I put them both in a pot of water, add some cloves too, and let it simmer! A very UN favorite smell is when I forget about it and it burns on the bottom of the pot. It doesn't go over well with the fireman I live with either! 

Happy Friday!


7 Months

Jesse turned 7 months old yesterday!

Wow, this is going quick. 
I feel like we just met!
He's wearing camo in honor of deer hunting season. 
He's a naked jaybird in these pics. 
They were right after bath time. 

He's still a social little thing. He loves attention! 
And thankfully, he'll still go to anybody.

Jesse loves his sister the most. 
She puts the biggest smile on his face. Katie can always calm him down if he's crying. She just talks or sings to him and he gets happy.
This is his first ride in the shopping cart.

I couldn't quit laughing at the back of his little Charlie Brown head. So cute!

He now takes a bath in the big tub, no more baby tub. 
He loves to splash around.
Unfortunately, he still doesn't sleep through the night! 
Not even close.
 I am all for sleep training and I don't mind letting him cry. It's hard because his room is right next to Katie's, so it wakes her up. I need to make a plan. Lots of you suggested Moms On Call. 
I was really just hoping for the miracle of him figuring it out on his own. 

I spent the night at my parent's house last week again. It was so nice to sleep all night AND sleep in, AND take a nap! 

My mom left this for me on my bed.

It's such a nice hotel. I will be back! I'm thankful for Marcus who took care of things at home!

Happy 7 months Jesse.
Here's to sleeping 12 hours at night with 2 good naps during the day!



We had such a fun Halloween! 
Katie kept saying, "this is the best day ever!"
She got to dress up as a princess, wear some makeup, go to people's houses, get free candy, and see her family. 
Those are all her favorite things!

My little dragon and Snow White.
Snow White was the perfect costume for Katie. She fit the part!

Here she is in the past. Awww...

And Jesse's first Halloween:
I bet there will be lots of super hero costumes in our future!

We stopped by my parent's house first. 

Then we stayed around our neighborhood to go trick or treating and pass out candy.

At the end of the night we went to Marcus's sister's house. Katie's big cousins took her trick or treating too. Jesse got changed into his Woody PJs in hopes he would fall asleep over there. 
He did, thankfully.

Then Katie got cozy on their couch to watch
  It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 
She could not contain her emotion when she saw Snoopy crying in this scene. 

 She sobbed and sobbed and was so sad for Snoopy. 
She cried all the way home too! 
Sensitive little thing.
She has told me before that there is a crying pipe under the floor. It goes from whoever is crying straight to here and she can't help but cry too.

 Katie also had a costume parade at school on Thursday!
This is her last year at this school! 
 Kindergarten is next year.

Jesse and I came to watch the parade. And it was fun to see my nephew, Jeddy, there too. He does a once a week home school program at the same place.

Drew and Charis were there too!
Darth Vadar and a Pink Cowgirl

There is lots of JOY on Halloween when you have a 4 year old and baby experiencing stuff for the first time! 

Speaking of Thankful, I really love Thanksgiving, but for me, the Christmas season has begun!