Date Night

We just saw Fire Proof and it was excellent! I have a thing for firemen, but I think anyone would enjoy it. Bring some tissues...

There is a scene in the movie where Kirk Cameron's character, Caleb, kisses his wife. Kirk's real wife, Chelsea, flew down to film that scene with him. So he was kissing his real wife and not the other actress. I thought that was pretty amazing.


I won, I won!

I am officially The Wife of the year! Does it matter that I was the only contestant and the head judge?

I spent hours slaving in the kitchen to provide some treats for the men. Today I am going to an overnight church retreat with some girls. And Marcus is having all the guys over to cook out tonight. They are calling it a "Meat Up". So, I made some yummy desserts for them...

Chewy Butter Cake, Brownies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, & Rice Krispie Treats

Hopefully there will be some leftovers.


64 days and counting...

It's only 9 weeks until Thanksgiving. So that means only 9 weeks and one day until I can decorate for Christmas! It will actually be a real live miracle if I wait that long. So until then I will continue to pacify myself with pumpkins and cornucopias.

I got this super cute autumn banner from CherryHill Cottage last year.



Look what the afghan fairy left for us! Isn't it pretty? I wish you could feel how soft it is too. Marcus and I came home and found this on his "man chair". My mom made it especially for us. She can make a mean scarf too. I can't even take a picture of a scarf when it is this hot outside. That post will have to wait until December.

This is going to keep me company when I watch the season premier of Grey's Anatomy.

Marcus and the afghan bonding. They are both very cuddly.


Happy Fall Y'all

Y'all doesn't roll off the tongue for me. I really say, "you guys", but that doesn't rhyme with fall, does it? Today is the first day of fall. You have to look at the calendar to know that, because it's 90 degrees outside right now. That's not going to stop me from putting my pumpkins out. Pumpkins mean one thing to me...it's almost time for Christmas. I have been decorating for Christmas in my head since July. I can't wait. I really do love fall decorations, but they are mainly for the purpose of appeasing me until I can put my trees up. These are a few ways I feathered my nest for fall:

This jar was full pretty recently. I am sure it will have to refilled daily. If you eat too many candy corn you get, what I call, "the slumber party feeling". You know that feeling, right?


I'm a Blogger?

I am a really good blog reader, but I am not sure about being a blog writer. My husband told me I should start a blog. And I do whatever my husband tells me. :) I told him that I don't really have much to blog about. He thought it would be a great idea for me to share a picture of him and the dogs. So here's my first blog post with my first pictures:

Poncho and Blue Bell. We just call him Blue. He is named after the ice cream. If you are not from the south then you don't really get it.

This is Marcus with Blue. Poncho was more interested in napping than being a part of my photo shoot.