64 days and counting...

It's only 9 weeks until Thanksgiving. So that means only 9 weeks and one day until I can decorate for Christmas! It will actually be a real live miracle if I wait that long. So until then I will continue to pacify myself with pumpkins and cornucopias.

I got this super cute autumn banner from CherryHill Cottage last year.


Tina said...

This is darling! Your "space"...is so cute...and Mika's banner looks cute too! Love it all! Thanks for sending me your link...Also all your "treats" in the post on 9/26 look delicious~ YOU worked hard girl!!

Cherry Hill Cottage

Miss G said...

looking at your archives . . . I have just been asking myself if pink can go autumn and looky here! you answered my question for me. Of course it can. Kelly