Home Sweet Home

We have been on a road trip visiting family and friends for a few days. It's always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed.

This bed was a wedding gift from my Mother and Father-in-law. We love it. I am pretty sure it's the only wood furniture in my house that's not painted. Also, most people are surprised to find out that Marcus and I don't have "sides" of the bed. We both will sleep on either side. We are just crazy like that.

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Heidi said...

Ok, I know this comment is months late, and you may be wondering what I'm doing reading this far back in your blog, but I just had to say 'me too!!' My hubby and I change up sides of the bed all the time! We're just crazy like that too! Until you, I've never know another married couple who did that as well.

Also, I love your bedding, I'd have you come and decorate for me any day; you're very talented. And, I'm way back here in your blog because I decided to read your whole blog because I like it and I'm weird like that. :-)