Black Friday

I have never woken up early on black Friday for a deal. First of all I am not an early bird. Second, I have never been one to hunt for a bargain. Neither of those are really good traits. Late in the day on Friday we just happened to be by Cabela's. How convenient for Marcus. Luckily he had just taken me to dinner, so I was happy.

We did see some deer:

And here is Marcus in the dressing room trying on some pretty fancy hunting overalls. He needs them for his pheasant hunting trip. I am told they will hold all of his birds, dead ones. I was also told the front pocket is for his cell phone so he can talk to me whenever he wants. I will test that theory about 5 times a day when he is gone.

He has a bandage on his "trigger finger" because he nearly cut it off with a table saw a couple of weeks ago. And the beard is because he has not been able to work at the fire station since his injury. (firemen aren't allowed to have beards) I love him being home, but I do not love the beard.

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