New Drapes

Drapes or Curtains? Is there a difference? Drapes sounds fancier. So I got some new drapes. They are not even functional. I didn't need them to close, because that window faces the backyard. I just needed them to warm up the space. I think they did.

I can't show you a picture of the living room with out showing a "before" picture. Are you ready?

I hope it goes with out saying that all these before pictures are when we looked at the house, not when we lived in the house. That is my red purse in the picture though. That is the only thing I'll claim. So in this room we took the paneling out, scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, Marcus put down and stained the hardwood floors and we took down those curtains and got some drapes! We also knocked out part of the wall that goes into the kitchen. I guess I shouldn't say "we". Marcus did just about everything. I was the foreman.

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