Christmas Mantle

It is just 2 weeks until Christmas day! I am getting a little depressed on how quick the season is going. I spend the whole year looking forward to it and it's gone in a flash. I am trying to enjoy every moment I can. Tonight we ate dinner by the fire.

In the bottom right corner of the picture is a bottle of sparkling white grape juice, not wine. Not that there is anything wrong with wine...It just doesn't go with hot dogs.

Our roaring fire. We tried roast some hot dogs, but I got impatient and used the microwave. Marcus persevered.

Christmas sign from Canton:

Of course I have to throw in a before picture too.
This is the mantle before our renovation:

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paperjunk-lc said...

I have that same pink Merry Christmas sign! I believe I know the dealer you got it from. She had a home show in my neighborhood a couple of years ago. I usually put up in my daughters bathroom at Christmas time!