Only 364 days left...

I really, really don't like the day after Christmas. It is so depressing. I miss hearing Christmas music on the radio, Elf on TV everyday, seeing Christmas commercials and Salvation army bell ringers at the store. Worst of all knowing that I have to take down my trees and decorations soon. It always makes the house seem so bare and unfestive. I'm probably going to have to stay in my p.js today so I can cope.

On the upside, I get to play with my new toys. Look what Santa brought me! I must have been really, really good.

This is from my parents, who at one time were Santa.

Marcus got me this really cute "Happy Everything" plate. The Christmas tree comes off and you can change it for different holidays. I LOVE it. He got me several other great things. I'm lucky that he is such a thoughtful and generous gift giver. My in-laws are super generous too:

My first Christmas gift of the season always comes from my friend Rachael in El Paso. (she's been waiting for a shout out). Rachael's gift came about 2 weeks before Christmas and I opened it right away. If she got one of my gifts early (that's not likely to happen) she waits until Christmas or her birthday to open it. That takes real maturity.

Cute notepads, huh? I started making lists on them right away.

Thanks Rachael!

Speaking of Rachael. Look what she got for Christmas:

Electric Sex. Hopefully you've have seen A Christmas Story to understand that. If not, crawl out from under your rock and rent it.

Marcus got several great things too. His sister got him this electric griddle he's been wanting. He used it to make me breakfast, so Merry Christmas to me too. I am pretty spoiled.

I hope you got everything you wanted!

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