A Christmas Story

A super belated Merry Christmas to you!
So did you think I was going to tell you about the baby and then disappear forever?
Thank your for all your excitement and well wishes. And thanks to those who said that they have been praying for a baby for us! That is really so touching to me.

I have a lot to cover from the last week. Not that you have been dying to see my week, but I want to remember it when I am 90.
First of all, to all my real life friends and relatives. I did not get any Christmas cards sent this year! Overall I feel great pregnant, but I also feel like I am wearing a lead coat. I am SO TIRED! ( I know all you moms are yelling at me, that I don't even know tired yet!)
These are the cute Christmas cards I received:

And it snowed on Christmas eve. A TON!

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Well I spent it there, and Marcus spent it at work. They were super busy with all the wrecks due to the beautiful snow!

Cute Morgan and Ryan entertained us with Christmas songs.

And this is our White Christmas morning! That almost never happens in Texas.

I hope our baby is as cute as our dog:

We had breakfast with Marcus's family on Christmas morning after he got home from work.

This is my nephew and nieces singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

You know that's why we celebrate Christmas, right? It's not about Santa and reindeer.

Christ our Saviour was born. Hallelujah!

It's not really about the presents either, but I gladly accepted these!

Marcus got me this cute leopard window and some super cute cowboy boots!
He picked these things out all by himself!

I wish it were fashionably acceptable to wear flip flops in December. Maybe I need to go to Hawaii.

I am really excited about my Pioneer Woman cookbook and my new crock pot. I will be like a real housewife, especially with my cherry apron tied around my waist.

The baby got some stuff too. I love this onesie my cousin sent me!

Speaking of baby stuff.
My friend Courtney had her twins on the 22nd!
They came home on Christmas day. Marcus and I went to their house super late that night to help with a feeding. We were already in our pj's.

I was trying to get a cute picture of Marcus holding Drew. It took him a while to cooperate.

He thinks he's being silly...

but he is getting on my nerves.

It's hard to tell though, because I keep laughing at him.

Now was that so hard. Look how cute they are:

And that's Drew's sister Charis on the left.

I successfully ruined her outfit and their changing pad cover when I tried to change her diaper. She thought it would be hilarious to poop and then pee right when I took her diaper off. She was right, it was hilarious! It did make me question my mothering abilities though.

Then finally, the night after Christmas we went to Frisco to see their fabulous lights display.

They were set to music. Can't you tell by the picture?

I hope you all had a great Christmas!


Praise The Lord!

Do you want to know what this picture of Marcus and his mom is about?

We just told our families that we are...

Holy Cannoli!

I took this picture as I was telling my sister and her family!

My mom and dad knew from the day before, but were just as excited!

I really couldn't wait to tell all of you! So, I am 10 weeks pregnant and due July 22nd! We CAN'T believe it! I have seen the baby twice and I still think I am lying when I say I'm pregnant.

I feel great, just super tired.

But who cares, because I'm PREGNANT! Woo Hoo!

Make no mistake about it, God did this. And I thank Him everyday!

I think it's a girl, what do you think?


Partying Like It's 2009

We have been Christmassing around here, so there is has not been much time for blogging. And it's kind of like the laundry, the longer you go with out doing it, the bigger the job becomes. So now I have blog posts and laundry stacking up!

Last week we had the Golightly's party.

We had a pretty brutal gift exchange. These people look nice, but don't be fooled. I am probably the worst of all. I don't mind stealing gifts from people.

It's all part of the game!

Check out the Golightly's blog soon, because I am going to post more pictures of Janet's beautiful house.

Ooh and look what I had to steal TWICE to win!

And that cute towel on the left.

I am sorry, but I am pretty sure that stuff matches my house better than anybody else's.

Then this weekend, we had Marcus's high school friends over for dinner:

I didn't have a tablecloth big enough for my table, so I had to improvise with some wrapping paper. It held up really well.

Here are some of the cute people at the party:

All these boys were groomsmen in our wedding too.

Tomorrow I will tell you what this cute picture is about!

Now it's time to tackle some laundry!


Christmas Home Tour 2009

The Nester is having a Christmas Tour of Homes!

Welcome and come on in...

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times.
I LOVE Christmas.
It is just such a magical time of year. I start looking forward to it on December 26th.

I LOVE my Santa too. He was a gift from my sister-in-law several years ago. He sings and dances like a man half his age.

This poinsettia was a gift from our neighbors. I am trying to keep it alive until Christmas!

Not much Christmas here, but did you notice Sulley, our Elf on a Shelf?

Christmas in the kitchen:

I used the vintage colored Christmas lights on top of the cabinets this year. My kitchen just didn't have enough color!

Snowmen in the red room:

I got the snowman angel at Golightly's several years ago before I worked there. Sometimes his carrot nose falls off, but I still love him.

Christmas in the bathroom:

The Pink room:

A Christmassy Master Bedroom:

Our Fireman tree for my fireman:

I have these wreaths up all year, but I just added a Christmas ball to make them more festive.

And a little bit of Christmas in the master bathroom:

And even though I love my Santa's and Snowmen, this is what Christmas is really all about:

Happy Birthday Jesus!