The Cotton Candy Bowl

Marcus got 2 tickets to the Cotton Bowl for Christmas. Thankfully he chose to take me as his date! Texas Tech played Ole Miss. What should have only been a 30 minute drive to the stadium took almost 3 hours! The traffic was crazy.

I knew some Red Raiders were in the house when we walked up to the Cotton Bowl and saw this:

We missed part of the first quarter and Tech was already up 14 - 0 when we got there.

I wish I could end the story there. But sadly they lost, 34-47.

One of the highlights of the game was getting some cotton candy. My mom would have NEVER let me get cotton candy. I guess my husband just loves me more! She didn't let me eat sugary cereal either. My friend Kara used to get me Fruity Pebbles for my birthday every year, because she felt sorry for me. I blame my mom for my sugar addiction now. She doesn't read this blog so I can say that.
That's beside the point. Thanks for a fun season Tech!


Freeman bunch said...

We were there too. We left at about 9:30 am so we missed the traffic and went a different way than the signs on the highway suggested. It was still fun even though Tech lost. It was a great season for the Red Raiders if we could just forget the OU game and the Cottonbowl.

Wish we would have seen you at the game. :(

Amanda said...

I was there, and I didn't see you!?! I'm so sad to know that. I really had hoped to get together sometime that weekend.


The Girls did pretty well on the way up to Dallas this time, so we will probably be back again this summer.

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I have been reading your blog for hours today after finding it on Nester's blog and I was thrilled to see my hometown on your blog. I saw various other places and my heart did a little dance when I saw the Texas Tech Stadium. I just love you blog. Thanks for letting me see a piece of home.