It's About Time

If this blog were my child CPS would have to be called, because of neglect.
These 2 pictures accurately reflect how I have been feeling:

Blue is feeling blue. He doesn't like cleaning up after Christmas either.

As of now, January 13th, my Christmas is 99% put away. It's that last 1% that gets me every time. We are having company tomorrow, so it has to get in the attic.
Look at these cute things I had to buy to perk me up:
Oven mitts and a timer from Anthropologie. The timer is to help me do my 15 minute "fly lady" cleaning. It really is amazing what can get clean in 15 minutes.

And I also needed these wash cloths in my guest bath. They are from Target.

I have also been a little bit of a cheater, because I started a blog for Golightly's Antiques.

Check it out at http://www.golightlysantiquesandtearoom.blogspot.com/.


Catherine said...

Are you a flylady? Is that how your house stays so clean? I have been avoiding doing it but i need to get on the ball.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am just a fly lady wannabe. I am secretly one of the most disorganized people ever. I guess the secret's out!