It's NOT too early!

It's over 80 degrees today, so that means it's time for Easter stuff. Ignore the fact that the calendar says February. I am. And so is Mother Nature apparently.

I have restrained myself from putting my Easter stuff outside just yet. I don't want the neighbors to think I'm completely crazy. It's OK if you think I'm crazy though.

Hey, did you notice my new silverware wreath on the screen door?


This and That

Can you believe that these are my Valentine roses? They are troopers.
I decided I would give them a change of scenery and put some of them in the vases I got at Laurie Anna's.

And this doesn't have anything to do with that, but I needed to show you my new cute little tea cups. I think I might use them as votive holders.

They are red with polka dots, so basically they were calling my name. I didn't want to be rude and ignore them.


I'm 34?

Marcus ordered the cutest cake for my birthday. I loved it.

He and I are opposites when it comes to just about everything. He would really prefer a homemade cake for his birthday. And I always want a pretty cake from the bakery with 6 inches of butter cream icing. It all comes down to our love languages. Have you read that book? It will change your marriage. Marcus's love language is acts of service, hence the homemade cake. Mine is gifts...bought cake. Even though we know this, at each of our birthdays we can't believe what the other person wants. Why would you want a boring old cake when you can have a super fancy one? And he thinks, why would you want a stranger making your birthday cake when I could make one from scratch with love?

Somehow we make it work.

On my birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends:

Courtney and Stephen:

And Anna and Atticus:

Somehow Atticus didn't make the picture. He's an attorney, just picture that. They are another example that opposites attract.

Afterward the girls went to Anthropologie. I got this cute "eat" plate holder.

There was a picture of Marcus and me, but I had too many chins. So you're not going to see it. And lately I have been thinking that I can't believe I'm 34! It doesn't bother me, but it feels like I'm lying. Wasn't I just in college? My college roommate, Amy, just turned 34 a couple of weeks before me. It made me start reminiscing and I found this picture.

Here I have less chins, less everything really. Including less sense for sure.

Amy, Andrew, me:

I was 19. In my head I still am...


Laurie Anna's

We made it to Laurie Anna's in Canton and it was worth the 90 mile drive. Everything was decorated so beautifully. I didn't want you to miss out, so here is a little tour:

I bought 2 sets of these napkins that are white with black fleur de lis on them.

I also got this set of 4 bud vases in the stand. Right here it's pictured with book pages in them.

Do you see that sheet of moss? I got several of those. They are great for decorating for Easter. It's so much easier to use than the loose moss. When can I start decorating for Easter?

The first thing I picked up was this wreath with the silverware on it. I think it will be perfect on my screen door in my dining room.

I had to take a picture of Marcus's lunch. We ate at a really cute little cafe in downtown Canton. He was happy with his giant burger. He earned it, that's for sure.


Bring on the Presents

My first birthday gift this year came from my friend, Rachael, of course. I've mentioned before that she is always early with her gifts. Even though they are coming ALL THE WAY from El Paso. And I always open it immediately. If Rachael got a gift early in the mail she would wait until the actual occasion to open it.

She always gets me the most fun presents:

The koozie got a Coke put in it right away.

And she sent me this cute note from God too:

What are you trying to tell me?

I have know Rachael for over 10 years now. That seems crazy. We both went to Texas Tech, but never met there. After college our first real jobs were as PR Coordinators for the Texas Tech Regional Centers. Mine was in Dallas and hers was in El Paso. We started at about the same time. We would email each other and say, "I don't know what I'm doing. Do you know what you're doing?" Then later, we would email each other more important stuff, like about our boyfriends (who are now our husbands) or what we ate for lunch, etc. We loved when we got to go to Lubbock at the same time for "training". Eventually we went on vacations together, went to each other's weddings, and still try to visit each other every year. So my first real job introduced me to a life long friend. And a bonus is that she gives great gifts. Thanks Rachael!


Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are some giant chocolate chip cookies I made. I got the recipe from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage. Tina's weren't giant, but I bet Tina has more patience than me. I made regular sized ones at first, but towards the end of the dough I was ready to be done. Plus, when you are eating a chocolate chip cookie wouldn't you want it to be giant? I also added a cup of m&m's to the recipe, because I am a genius.


I Can't Wait..

Marcus is taking me to Canton on Friday for this event at Laurie Anna's. It is my birthday after all and we have to do whatever I want...right?

For Marcus's birthday we drove 3 hours to eat "the best barbecue in Texas". (It was good, but not 3 hours good. My husband's is much better) Then we drove 3 hours back. It was fun, but I think the Serendipity Market will be even better. Don't you?



Look at this new space at Golightly's. I love it. We have a ton of fun t-shirts, purses, and jewelry too.

I just wanted to share it with you.


Valentine's Weekend

On Friday night we went with some friends to see Four Day Weekend in Sundance Square. They are a comedy improv group, similar to the show Whose Line Is It Anyway. It was so funny and we had a great time.

Then, Valentine's morning I woke up to this:

Here they are back in their vase.

My niece and nephew both had basketball games in the morning. That was as entertaining as Four Day Weekend.

Ryan's in the green.

They get to walk through the cheerleaders as their name is called before the game. They even have a smoke machine!

I didn't get a good picture of Morgan, but she is in the green and pig tails.

Afterwards, Uncle Marcus was showing Ryan some tricks.

Here's a Valentine Ryan made for us and the dogs:

Marcus and I spent the rest of the day in Ft. Worth, going to shops, eating, and looking at old houses. When we got home we watched the slam dunk contest. I never thought my Valentine's Day would begin and end with basketball...but it was the perfect day.


I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Have you noticed how unmotivated the girl scouts are these days? They don't even come to your house anymore. They sit in front of stores to sell their cookies. AND they don't even do it, their mom's do! That injustice didn't stop me from buying a box though.

To all the Girl Scouts,

I know the thought of rejection is scary, but it builds character. Go to the door, tell the people what you are selling and why, and ask would you like to buy some. At least you are not selling unbaked cookie dough for $12. Your cookies are delicious, only $3.50, and already baked for us. What a bargain! You'll feel better about that cookie patch if you really earn it.


a satisfied cookie customer that is just thinking about your future



I haven't gotten any projects done at my house lately. I have a long to do list of things that need to get done. So basically I don't have anything new and exciting to take pictures of in my house.

So, I thought I would show you Anna's (AKA Banana) house. Her super fun aunt came in town with her "crew" and redecorated some things in Anna's house. It looked really good before, but now it's unbelievable.

This doesn't even capture half of it. Maybe Anna can have you over for dinner and you can see for yourself.


I'm Domestically Challenged

It says so in my laundry room:

The counter in between the washer and dryer was just boring and beige. So I decoupaged with some scrapbook paper and other things.

It says "I heart laundry" That's a big fat lie. I was just trying to be positive. The picture is of Courtney, Stephen, me and Marcus riding the Crazy Mouse at the State Fair. Don't be fooled. It looks like a kid ride, but it is SCARY!

Here is the door going into the garage and it's painted with chalkboard paint.

In my old house across the street I painted the entire half bath with chalkboard paint.

My nieces and nephews LOVED it.

You should paint something with chalkboard paint too. Don't be scared!