Bring on the Presents

My first birthday gift this year came from my friend, Rachael, of course. I've mentioned before that she is always early with her gifts. Even though they are coming ALL THE WAY from El Paso. And I always open it immediately. If Rachael got a gift early in the mail she would wait until the actual occasion to open it.

She always gets me the most fun presents:

The koozie got a Coke put in it right away.

And she sent me this cute note from God too:

What are you trying to tell me?

I have know Rachael for over 10 years now. That seems crazy. We both went to Texas Tech, but never met there. After college our first real jobs were as PR Coordinators for the Texas Tech Regional Centers. Mine was in Dallas and hers was in El Paso. We started at about the same time. We would email each other and say, "I don't know what I'm doing. Do you know what you're doing?" Then later, we would email each other more important stuff, like about our boyfriends (who are now our husbands) or what we ate for lunch, etc. We loved when we got to go to Lubbock at the same time for "training". Eventually we went on vacations together, went to each other's weddings, and still try to visit each other every year. So my first real job introduced me to a life long friend. And a bonus is that she gives great gifts. Thanks Rachael!

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