I'm Domestically Challenged

It says so in my laundry room:

The counter in between the washer and dryer was just boring and beige. So I decoupaged with some scrapbook paper and other things.

It says "I heart laundry" That's a big fat lie. I was just trying to be positive. The picture is of Courtney, Stephen, me and Marcus riding the Crazy Mouse at the State Fair. Don't be fooled. It looks like a kid ride, but it is SCARY!

Here is the door going into the garage and it's painted with chalkboard paint.

In my old house across the street I painted the entire half bath with chalkboard paint.

My nieces and nephews LOVED it.

You should paint something with chalkboard paint too. Don't be scared!

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Unknown said...

Love the "new and improved" counter. I would have a lot more fun doing laundry in here.

I agree with the chalkboard paint it is way fun! I am always looking for things to chalkboard paint.