I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Have you noticed how unmotivated the girl scouts are these days? They don't even come to your house anymore. They sit in front of stores to sell their cookies. AND they don't even do it, their mom's do! That injustice didn't stop me from buying a box though.

To all the Girl Scouts,

I know the thought of rejection is scary, but it builds character. Go to the door, tell the people what you are selling and why, and ask would you like to buy some. At least you are not selling unbaked cookie dough for $12. Your cookies are delicious, only $3.50, and already baked for us. What a bargain! You'll feel better about that cookie patch if you really earn it.


a satisfied cookie customer that is just thinking about your future


Jules said...

I love it!! Way to go Dina! Build character in those lazy girl scouts!

Christie said...

A real live girl scout came to my door. I of course bought cookies! I totally agree though. When I was in girl scouts we had to take orders and then go deliver the cookies weeks later!

The Kelsos said...

Dina~you are the funniest person i know. I am so glad we are friends. this post is one of your funniest. love u!

Amanda said...

Great letter, and I couldn't agree more! I bought my cookies from a mother who was camped out in front of a store. The daughter/Scout barely spoke! THAT is not the object of the "cookie lesson."

I didn't know you had a blog, or I would have been reading it all this time!

Blogs are fun, but facebook is easier AND you get to see stuff about other people. Join! We miss you!