I Can't Wait..

Marcus is taking me to Canton on Friday for this event at Laurie Anna's. It is my birthday after all and we have to do whatever I want...right?

For Marcus's birthday we drove 3 hours to eat "the best barbecue in Texas". (It was good, but not 3 hours good. My husband's is much better) Then we drove 3 hours back. It was fun, but I think the Serendipity Market will be even better. Don't you?


paperjunk-lc said...

When Laurieanna's opened in August. Her first day open was my birthday and my husband drove me from Dallas for my b-day! It was a wonderful day we had lunch at the tearoom in downtown Canton followed by my first of many trips to LaurieAnna's. It's a breathtaking store, I plan on going to Serendipity Market on Saturday. Enjoy your big day!

Unknown said...

So, are they in the First Monday or are they a store front in Canton?

Dina said...

Laurie Anna's has a booth in the Arbors, but she also has her own store. We are going to the store this weekend for the event.

And Paper Junk, we might have to try out the tearoom downtown too!

Jules said...

Happy Birthday - I hope you have fun and get to buy some super cute stuff!