I'm 34?

Marcus ordered the cutest cake for my birthday. I loved it.

He and I are opposites when it comes to just about everything. He would really prefer a homemade cake for his birthday. And I always want a pretty cake from the bakery with 6 inches of butter cream icing. It all comes down to our love languages. Have you read that book? It will change your marriage. Marcus's love language is acts of service, hence the homemade cake. Mine is gifts...bought cake. Even though we know this, at each of our birthdays we can't believe what the other person wants. Why would you want a boring old cake when you can have a super fancy one? And he thinks, why would you want a stranger making your birthday cake when I could make one from scratch with love?

Somehow we make it work.

On my birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends:

Courtney and Stephen:

And Anna and Atticus:

Somehow Atticus didn't make the picture. He's an attorney, just picture that. They are another example that opposites attract.

Afterward the girls went to Anthropologie. I got this cute "eat" plate holder.

There was a picture of Marcus and me, but I had too many chins. So you're not going to see it. And lately I have been thinking that I can't believe I'm 34! It doesn't bother me, but it feels like I'm lying. Wasn't I just in college? My college roommate, Amy, just turned 34 a couple of weeks before me. It made me start reminiscing and I found this picture.

Here I have less chins, less everything really. Including less sense for sure.

Amy, Andrew, me:

I was 19. In my head I still am...


The Kelsos said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I can't believe you are 34 either...

I'm totally with you on the bakery cakes!

LNel said...

What a fun picture to post! Where does the time go? Laura

Amy said...

omg......... that picture is embarrassing of me!!!