Charity Case

My super sweet neighbor, Betty, gave me all this stuff. She has been cleaning out her closets and just wanted to get rid of it. Thankfully I benefited from her spring cleaning. Betty is 80 and has lots of beautiful antiques.

She said she got this piece when she was 24:

I did the super complicated math, without a calculator, and came to the conclusion it is about 46 years old.

Then Anna gave me her rooster. After her extreme home makeover it didn't go anymore.

I think he goes in my kitchen perfectly!

Anybody else wanna give me stuff? You are more than welcome to.


A Bunkin Party

I just learned that term, bunkin party, while I was in Arkansas. Anna and I went to visit our friend Tori and had a 3 day bunkin party. Us normal folks say slumber party or sleepover. We had the best time. Our days consisted of eating, laughing, shopping and barely sleeping. FUN!

I didn't take near enough pictures, but here are Tori's super sweet twins.

I had to get a picture of this house. They call it the gay house. It seemed appropriate. It has 2 drag queens flanking the front door and above it says "teach tolerance". I can appreciate their color scheme though.

Here are a few pics of some beautiful older homes. This neighborhood made me want to move there.


Whirly Ball

Our Sunday School class played whirly ball today. It is so much fun. It's bumper cars meets basketball meets track ball.

Here are the pregnant girls that had to be cheerleaders for the day:

Then we ate at Chuy's in Dallas. I LOVE their decor. They use every color in the rainbow like me.

And here is a ceiling full of hub caps. Anything can be a decoration.

See, church people have fun too!



My mom gave me some peeps today. I LOVE peeps! Even though I love peeps more than most adults, I don't like that they make them for all the holidays now. It takes away their specialness. For some reason a snowman peep is just not as appetizing as a yellow chick peep.

I looked on the back at the nutritional info, and there is actually 1 gram of protein in my peeps. I bet the snowman peeps wouldn't have any protein!

Here's another chick. Marcus made grilled chicken sandwiches and mine was shaped like a heart. I figured it was blog worthy.


Another Project Crossed Off The List

I hung the old medicine cabinet that I got at the Golightly's sidewalk sale:

Is it bad manners to show a picture of my toilet? At least nobody was on it.

This is what this "john" area looked like before we moved in. Do you like the peach tulips and the pretty carpet? What about the saloon doors? Those are really functional.

I actually used those saloon doors here:

That is about as close as I get to recycling.



This is my mantle filled with Easter decorations, but below it is a fire in the fire place. That's because it's 40 degrees outside!

Did you notice I painted the coffee table? That was on my "to do" list. I love it.

This is what our fireplace looked like 10 months ago, so I'd say it's an improvement. It kind of makes my stomach hurt to think about all the work we did. I DON'T want to do it again.

Marcus would sell our house tomorrow and start all over again if somebody offered to buy it. Nobody offer, OK? Thanks.


Bloom Where You're Planted

I can check something off my list! The front yard is done, for now anyway. We would really love to paint the house a khaki color with white trim. Once my money tree starts blooming I am going to look into that...

The buckets by the kitchen window are my favorite part. I got them at Hobby Lobby, sprayed them black, planted some geraniums in them, then Marcus screwed them in the brick. It was easier than making a window box.

Do you see the giant killer alligator on the bottom pot? I just noticed it when I was downloading the pictures. I didn't realize I was so close to getting eaten alive.

The pot stand and the bunny are both from Canton. Oh and so is the "W" flag.

It will really start to look good when all the flowers are in full bloom and the grass is green again.


Function Over Form

I am usually a form over function type of girl. I don't care if it works, as long as it looks good. So to be honest, I bought this little pink colander because it was cute...and pink. Much to my surprise it is really super functional. It's great for washing lettuce for small salads and perfect for grapes and strawberries too.

That picture makes it look like I eat healthy with the lettuce and oranges in the background. So I feel obligated to show you what I really prefer.

If you've seen my bottom, you know it's not the result of eating salads and fruit. It's mainly made of chocolate and cheese. Maybe the pink colander will change all that. I am pretty sure the cute pink colander is going to change my life. I would say that makes it functional, wouldn't you?


I Wasn't Using That Hour Anyway

Did you remember to spring forward? It made it a little harder to wake up for church today, but I LOVE the extra hour of day light! Now my husband might not want to go to bed at 8:00, like a 3rd grader.


Sidewalk Sale

Today we had a sidewalk sale at Golightly's. The idea was for me to clean out my garage and closets, but of course I had to bring a few things home with me too.
First, this cute medicine cabinet that's going to go in my bathroom. And a sconce that I think will go in the hallway.

Then I needed this cute vintage place mat and napkin set. It came with 4 of each.

And a new lampshade for my mason jar lamp. Only $1!

And this shelf for the guest bathroom. I put it up right away. That's not like me.

I filled it with some necessities; spray, reading material, and instructions on how to flush the toilet. My sister made me that cute sign. You have to lift the handle to flush it and some people can't figure that out. After the chain broke twice, we decided a sign was necessary. Thankfully my sister decided a decorative sign was necessary.