A Bunkin Party

I just learned that term, bunkin party, while I was in Arkansas. Anna and I went to visit our friend Tori and had a 3 day bunkin party. Us normal folks say slumber party or sleepover. We had the best time. Our days consisted of eating, laughing, shopping and barely sleeping. FUN!

I didn't take near enough pictures, but here are Tori's super sweet twins.

I had to get a picture of this house. They call it the gay house. It seemed appropriate. It has 2 drag queens flanking the front door and above it says "teach tolerance". I can appreciate their color scheme though.

Here are a few pics of some beautiful older homes. This neighborhood made me want to move there.


Lauren & Matt said...

what beautiful homes! I will take one of each, please!!

Anonymous said...

You are crazy! Im ready for another bunkin party with my favorite girls! I miss you both!