Function Over Form

I am usually a form over function type of girl. I don't care if it works, as long as it looks good. So to be honest, I bought this little pink colander because it was cute...and pink. Much to my surprise it is really super functional. It's great for washing lettuce for small salads and perfect for grapes and strawberries too.

That picture makes it look like I eat healthy with the lettuce and oranges in the background. So I feel obligated to show you what I really prefer.

If you've seen my bottom, you know it's not the result of eating salads and fruit. It's mainly made of chocolate and cheese. Maybe the pink colander will change all that. I am pretty sure the cute pink colander is going to change my life. I would say that makes it functional, wouldn't you?

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Catherine said...

I want one too! i think it can be super functional. I would use it to drain the juice out of healthy fruits before i put them in a cobler, or pie, or on top of ice cream...