Sidewalk Sale

Today we had a sidewalk sale at Golightly's. The idea was for me to clean out my garage and closets, but of course I had to bring a few things home with me too.
First, this cute medicine cabinet that's going to go in my bathroom. And a sconce that I think will go in the hallway.

Then I needed this cute vintage place mat and napkin set. It came with 4 of each.

And a new lampshade for my mason jar lamp. Only $1!

And this shelf for the guest bathroom. I put it up right away. That's not like me.

I filled it with some necessities; spray, reading material, and instructions on how to flush the toilet. My sister made me that cute sign. You have to lift the handle to flush it and some people can't figure that out. After the chain broke twice, we decided a sign was necessary. Thankfully my sister decided a decorative sign was necessary.


Unknown said...

Sidewalk sale? Man, wish I would have gone!!!

Frugal Jen said...

I found your blog from Kelly's home tour. You must live close to me that antique shop isn't far from my home.