Pillow Talk

Apparently there was a pillow deficit at my house, because I bought 7 in one day.

I got 2 for the green couch:

(the bird pillows are the new ones)

And 2 for the red couch. I didn't want to play favorites ya know.

And then I got 3 new cushions for outside.

I guess I could have wiped down that table for you, but I was too tired from all the pillow shopping.


This Is Why There's No Place Like Home

I have the best neighbors!

My super sweet neighbors gave us these roses from their yard. Aren't they the prettiest? This is them on day 5 too!

They are the same neighbors that gave me all this also, remember?

And this mirror:

I don't have a before picture of this mirror, but I painted it black, of course, and hung it in my dining room.

Don't you wish you lived here too?



I painted our back patio and it looks a little like a Mexican food restaurant.

I happen to think that's good thing.

The stain on the porch before was so dark that in the summer time I burned my feet on it.

So I had the bright idea of painting it white. Bright doesn't even begin to describe it...it was blinding.

So then I remembered this...

This is the floor at Chuy's in Dallas. It inspired me. Thankfully I have the kind of husband that encourages my inspiration and let's me paint whatever I want.

This is the porch before. The evil one that burned the flesh off your feet.

And this is what my feet looked like after I spray painted the table and chairs. It's not the worst sunburn ever, it's just paint over spray. I thought it was picture worthy.

Then Marcus hung these pots for me under my laundry room window:

And I made a Garden sign for above the garden. You know I like to label everything.


I Need A Nap

...and a cleaning lady.

We hosted the 9th grade girls for Disciple Now this weekend. They stayed Friday night and Saturday night. It was very evident that I was NOT 15 this weekend. I am 34 and feel every bit of it today.

Here are some of the girls in the back of Marcus's truck on the way to church Friday night. I was so proud they weren't scared of messing up their hair.

We had 8 ninth graders and 1 college counselor.

I wanted to get pictures of ALL. THE. STUFF. EVERYWHERE! but my batteries died in my camera. It was a sight.

These girls were as sweet as they could be. I enjoyed every second. And if there is ever an Olympic event in texting, they could win the gold for sure.


Happy Birthday Donna Louise

My mom turned 61 today. I am sure she appreciates me telling the world her age and her middle name. It's payback for grounding me from the phone that one time.


Scaredy Cat

When Marcus is at the fire station, I am obviously by myself at night. Sometimes I get foolishly scared. So I put this verse in my room to remind me I'm protected. It has really helped.

Now if you are a boogie man reading this and are not deterred by God or angels...Please know we also firmly believe in the 2nd amendment. I am not too scared to shoot you!

We also have these attack dogs.

I don't even know why I was scared in the first place.


Rose Colored Glasses

I love this window so much I could marry it!

(I guess that's not just a figure of speech anymore. Have you seen this?)

Have A Great Weekend!



I have finally hung some things in our bathroom. I labeled the potty area and our closets. I don't want anyone to get them confused!

Remember when the letters looked like this? They were on my "to do" list of projects.

Jeremiah 29:11 is the first thing I see when I wake up and stumble into the bathroom. I like knowing God has a plan for me....because I rarely have one for myself.

This is not a label, but I did add a lamp too:


Burger Wars

Marcus and I had a date scheduled for today for about 6 weeks now. For Lent Marcus gave up hamburgers and I gave up real Coke. We are not Catholic, so we are not required to give anything up for Lent, we just do most years. It's good to sacrifice something you love sometimes.

So anyway, today was the day we had our reunion with hamburgers and Coke. I officially had my reunion with Coke Easter morning, which is the official end of Lent.

So we went to a place that was recommended to us in the Stockyards in Ft. Worth called The Love Shack. It sounded like the perfect place for a date.

All the seating is outside. Thankfully the weather could not have been more perfect. This is the view from our table looking down into the courtyard.

The old Stockyard Hotel is right across the street:

This was my view:

and this:

Notice his burger is already gone. He ate half of mine too and a vanilla milkshake. Also, notice his shirt. Marcus is an iron man so he can eat whatever he wants. He did it 2 and half years ago, but he could do it again today. The iron man is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then you run a marathon (26.2 miles)! Stud muffin.

More pics of the stockyards.

So about an hour and a half after we ate Marcus pulls up to Jake's. Jake's just won best burger in DFW. He thought it was his duty to check it out. I didn't have it in me to eat again, but I did enjoy another Coke. He said it was NOT the best burger in DFW. He would know too!

If you are not dating your husband, you should. It's still lots of fun!



The funny thing about me not writing a new post in 13 days, is that in my head I gave myself the goal of posting every day in April. Apparently that was too overwhelming for me, because I quit after 1 day. I am such an underachiever sometimes.

I have been busy with lots of house projects, so those pictures will be coming in the days ahead.

For now I will share some Easter pics:

The Easter Bunny left me some treats on the couch. The pink peeps didn't last long. The yellow peeps got polished off today.

We had the privilege of having both our families over for lunch after church.

My cute nieces, Jennifer and Melissa:

My cute nephew and niece, Morgan and Ryan playing the cello and viola for the crowd:

My sister brought me these beautiful tulips:

And my mom made these super cute cupcakes:

I had to take a picture of all my FREE stuff, because I am not normally a bargain shopper and I wanted proof. I bought a ham at Market Street and got all of this for FREE:

We had a wonderful Easter. Although I love to decorate with bunnies and eggs, we celebrate the true meaning of Easter: The tomb is empty, Jesus is alive! He was crucified and died on the cross for our sins, so that (if we choose to accept it and follow him) we can spend eternity in heaven. Thank you Jesus!