The funny thing about me not writing a new post in 13 days, is that in my head I gave myself the goal of posting every day in April. Apparently that was too overwhelming for me, because I quit after 1 day. I am such an underachiever sometimes.

I have been busy with lots of house projects, so those pictures will be coming in the days ahead.

For now I will share some Easter pics:

The Easter Bunny left me some treats on the couch. The pink peeps didn't last long. The yellow peeps got polished off today.

We had the privilege of having both our families over for lunch after church.

My cute nieces, Jennifer and Melissa:

My cute nephew and niece, Morgan and Ryan playing the cello and viola for the crowd:

My sister brought me these beautiful tulips:

And my mom made these super cute cupcakes:

I had to take a picture of all my FREE stuff, because I am not normally a bargain shopper and I wanted proof. I bought a ham at Market Street and got all of this for FREE:

We had a wonderful Easter. Although I love to decorate with bunnies and eggs, we celebrate the true meaning of Easter: The tomb is empty, Jesus is alive! He was crucified and died on the cross for our sins, so that (if we choose to accept it and follow him) we can spend eternity in heaven. Thank you Jesus!

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