I painted our back patio and it looks a little like a Mexican food restaurant.

I happen to think that's good thing.

The stain on the porch before was so dark that in the summer time I burned my feet on it.

So I had the bright idea of painting it white. Bright doesn't even begin to describe it...it was blinding.

So then I remembered this...

This is the floor at Chuy's in Dallas. It inspired me. Thankfully I have the kind of husband that encourages my inspiration and let's me paint whatever I want.

This is the porch before. The evil one that burned the flesh off your feet.

And this is what my feet looked like after I spray painted the table and chairs. It's not the worst sunburn ever, it's just paint over spray. I thought it was picture worthy.

Then Marcus hung these pots for me under my laundry room window:

And I made a Garden sign for above the garden. You know I like to label everything.


Unknown said...

I LOVE the patio!!!!!!!! It makes me want to enjoy some fajitas on it.

sepiadreams said...

My My, you have been busy. And once again you have amazed me with a project full of color that no one else would have had the guts to do.....You are so good!!! Love Tiina..

Amy said...

wow! you are such a talent. the porch is awesome. i love it.

Connie said...

I love the patio and just ate at Chuy's last week when I was in Dallas with my hubby. Loved the food and the restaurant was a lot of fun. I just came over from Kelly's Korner. Connie

Amroosie said...

Linked over from Kelly's Korner and I have bookmarked you as a FAVORITE! Just curious about the paint you used for your deck. If you have a sec, can you tell me about it. My husband loved it, too! ;) Amy

Catherine said...

the porch looks AMAZING!!! Your blog inspires me to work on my house more. I have so many projects!

Robin said...

You are amazing! You should be a professional interior decorator! You are so talented...I want that deck!