Scaredy Cat

When Marcus is at the fire station, I am obviously by myself at night. Sometimes I get foolishly scared. So I put this verse in my room to remind me I'm protected. It has really helped.

Now if you are a boogie man reading this and are not deterred by God or angels...Please know we also firmly believe in the 2nd amendment. I am not too scared to shoot you!

We also have these attack dogs.

I don't even know why I was scared in the first place.


John said...

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Fantastic pictures.

I like your blog.

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Keep blogging.
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Lauren & Matt said...

i LOVE your window and scripture. You are awesome! have a good day!

LNel said...

You are so funny! How did you put the verse on the wall? Did you do it with a stencil or did someone help? I might want to put a verse on my wall...just wondering.

David said...

You are so funny!!! Love that you aren't afraid to shoot any boogie men...I'm not either, just in case any are reading this;)
We need to have another brunch with Kara before school gets out!! Help me get it on the calendar!!


sepiadreams said...

Love the wall Dina!!! LOve Tiina...