This is my cousin, Kristen and her husband Kevin, in the fashionable goggles. We rode ATVs in the mountains in Colorado. It could not have been more fun.

I had to take a picture of the snow. I haven't seen snow in over a year.

And this was our view as we were riding. Not shabby!

OK, now you have to see this neighborhood. It is called Prospect and it is so unique. I new it was different when I saw the names of the streets; Tenacity, Incorrigible, Tempted Ways....

There are traditional and contemporary houses all mixed in together.

I love all the color! Do you think my neighbors would mind if I painted my house lime green and turquoise?


Staci said...

Wow. That looks awesome! I have always said someday, if I ever leave Texas, it will be for Colorado. And oh how I would love to live on Tempted Ways Drive!

Mackenzie Turrill said...

Hi there! We found your blog from Kelly's Home Tour...Your rooms are the only I peek at because I absolutely ADORE your style (I know that I'm not the only one!) Anyway, I had to scroll down when I saw your Colorado posts...Prospect is two minutes from where WE live! Don't you love that neighborhood?! Our favorite restaurants are there...Just had to say hi when I saw that! Thanks for sharing your one-of-a-kind style! Keep 'em coming!


Gayle said...

what a darling town? Is the town named Prospect? Or is that the name of the neighborhood? I live in UtaH and would love to visit there some day if you can please tell me.