Dine By Design

Every spring our church has a women's dinner called Dine By Design. You can choose to be a table hostess and decorate your table in any theme you want.

This year mine was called, "Feed On The Word". Mainly because I borrowed my sister in laws scripture dishes and that's what they're called. I hung silverware and votives from my "tree".

The table hostesses are also supposed to have a little gift for each person sitting at their table. I always give my guests a GIANT chocolate bar, because nothing says love like a giant hunk of chocolate. They also got koozies this year.

I need someone to implant a memory card in my brain, because I remembered my camera, but forgot my memory card. Thankfully I had one in my camera case, but it only holds a few pictures.

This table was called, "Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"

Did you notice the whoopie cushion on all the chairs? So cute!

Here are a couple of others:

There was every theme from Christmas, Harley Davidson, Birthday party, and Luau.

Don't you wish somebody would have taken some pictures?
Maybe next year.

I put my tree in my entry way. I took the silverware off and just left the beaded votive holders and crystals. It looks pretty when it's all lit up.

It kind of looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in pictures, but not in real life.


Stacy said...

You have a wonderful eye for design. I first noticed your site on Kelly's Blog and have followed ever since. Thanks for sharing your ideas and decorating tips with us.

Frugal Jen said...

What a fun dinner! Your table looks amazing.

Maggie Elizabeth said...

I love the tables, they are great!! I will have to introduce that idea to my church! It looks like a ton of fun!!

Mrs. G said...

I have also been following from Kelly's blog and your table was great! That tree was so creative!

Tina said...

I love the tables and your tree was awesome.

Abbie said...

How fun! And I LOVE the koozies! My husband and I are obsessed with them!!!

Unknown said...

I am sad I could not be there this year! I love looking at all the tables.

Kasey said...

Oh, what fun! Your table was fabulous.

Cortni said...

I love it!! I was invited to host a table a our church one year but they ended up canceling the event.

Love the dishes!!

laurensmommy said...

our church does this at Christmas for a ladies brunch and everyone gets out their Christmas china and has a theme. I would SO sit at your table! Giant chocolate bars are a girl's best friend! :)
Ps. Where did your sister get the scripture china? I LOVE it!

Denise said...

I commented on an earlier post, that I, too, found your blog on Kelly's and have read the whole thing! I love your decorating style and all of the pictures.


Connie said...

What fun...the table looks great. AND you've got my vote for best table because of the chocolate!! Connie

Amy said...

What a cute idea!!! I love stuff like that. I just finished chairing a silent auction at my son's school, you might like to check it out, I posted pics on my blog the first of this month. It is done with alot of paper deocorations.

Love to visit your blog, because I know you are a lover of Rosa's!! :-)