Extreme Shopping

Today I went to the World Trade Center in Dallas to get jewelry to sell at Golightly's. I usually go about once a month to replenish my stock. The stock at the store and the stock at my house!

Doesn't it look like a fun giant mall? The jewelry is what they call "cash and carry". You can buy it and take it with you right then. Pretty much everything else you have to order.

The showrooms are all displayed beautifully with one of each thing. When you are ready to place your order you walk around with the manager and just point at each thing that you want. They scan it with one of those wedding registry guns. When you are ordering, you have to get multiples of each item, so it adds up quick. But you have no idea what you are spending, you are just a kid in a candy store pointing at whatever you want. AND you don't eve pay for it then. The things get shipped to your store and you pay for it 30 days later. It's pretty exciting. When the box comes it's like Christmas morning opening your presents! Then the bill comes....that's one reason I don't have a store anymore. THE BILLS.

Here's my loot from today:

It will be at Golightly's in the morning. Come and get it.

Since today is Cinco de Mayo, we thought it would be appropriate to go to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday!
Apparently a lot of other people thought it would be appropriate too. It was packed.
They do have some of the best Coke I have ever had though. And I am an expert.


Connie said...

We drove by the World Trade Center when we were in Dallas last week. WIsh we would have gone inside. How fun is that! Rosa's sounds good too...have fun in the morning! Connie

amberdawn said...

Maybe I will add Golightly's into my to do list today! :)

Unknown said...

I see a necklace I want! Dina, you know I am also a Coke expert. We should enjoy a good coke together soon! I could bring a cute baby along.

Frugal Jen said...

A friend of mine used to work at market. I loved to go with her to the sample sales. I miss it so much!!

Amy said...

OH How I LOVE Rosa's!!!! I get two #12's and Big Daddy gets a #9. Their cokes (and I call all the varieties "cokes") are really good. Its an ice thing! :-) You made me smile when you posted about Rosa's. I can so sppreciate!! I am from West Texas and missed Rosa's so much. We don't have Rosa's around McKinney/Allen area. Wish we did, everytime we go towards the West, we always stop at Rosa's!!