Come Flea With Me

Let's NOT talk about how I ate Skittles and Coke for breakfast today. And that I might have stayed in my PJ's until the PM, because that would be embarrassing.

Instead let's talk about the flea market Marcus and I went to on Saturday:

It's in Ft.Worth and they have it every Saturday and Sunday in the Cattle Barns.
Only in Texas, right?

It's hit or miss. Sometimes I find great things and sometimes, not so much.

It's always interesting though.

Marcus has always wanted us to ride a tandem bike. I think I would be so scared! When we ride on a motorcycle I have a bad habit of pinching his nipples when I want him to break. It's not a conscious thing. I know it's weird...I have to hold on to something and that's is just where my hands end up.

I just bought 2 things at the flea market. I will show you when they are at home in their new "spot". I haven't figured out where that is yet.

Tomorrow I will get up, eat an adult breakfast, and put some clothes on at a decent hour!


Staci said...

I used to go to that same flea market with my grandparents on weekends when I was a kid. Seeing those pics brings back memories.

sepiadreams said...

Ok Dina, I am surprised that Marcus passed up the shark car...Pinching his nipples huh? I didnt know you were that kinky..LOL....Love Tiina...

Farris Family said...

You are so lucky you live close to things like that! I love Trash to Treasure but out here in San Angelo we don't have much and it's so far to Canton and other places we only make one trip a year! Your style is great!

These are the days... said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is exactly why I cannot wait to get back to Texas!!!!

I just hit your link on Kelly's blog and I'm so excited to find this flea market info. I had never heard of it. But I have lived all over the country for the last 12 years following my husband's orders from the Army.

Please, please, please tell me what other flea markets like this are around the DFW area. I grew up in Arlington and we are moving to Mansfield in 3 weeks! I'm a HUGE Canton fanatic! I plan my trips home to see family around First Monday.

So if you don't mind, can you please send me an email at the_davis_house@yahoo.com and fill me in on other great finds in the area? Thank you so much!

And I'm in love with your house! You have amazing decorating skills! I love the colors!


amberdawn said...

I had no idea that there was a flea market there every weekend! I soooo want some of those frames like you pictured! Super cute!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the HOME letters. I've been dragging my husband to flea markets, antique markets and yard sales looking for letters for a few months now, I'm glad to have your post to show him now that I'm not the only crazy person who thinks mismatched letters on a house looks awesome!

Denise said...

Hi, Dina. I just found your blog over on Kelly's! I have read it from the beginning and loved it. Your decorating style is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.