Rock On McRib

y good friend Tori lives Arkansas. I love Arkansas and I really love to make fun of Arkansas too. For no good reason really, Texas is the butt of all the same jokes too.

A couple of years ago when I was visiting Tori, McDonalds was promoting the Mc Rib (gag). On one of the signs in Conway it said, "Rock On McRib!" That just struck me as so funny. Now Marcus and I use that phrase all the time. If we hear good news we say "Rock on McRib!" We can't help it.
So Tori just knew she had to call me yesterday when she drove by that same McDonald's and it said, "Kris Allen is our McIdol!" I love it! And from what I know about Arkansas, I bet Kris Allen is just his first name and we haven't heard his last name yet. For some reason most people there have double names, Mary Betty, Freddy Mark, Dixie something. And if someone doesn't have a double name Tori calls them by their first and last name. She can't just say one name!

O.K., since I am on a roll I will tell you another story related to Tori and American Idol. When Kelley Pickler was on AI, Marcus had mentioned that her accent sounded just like Tori's. Well the very next day Tori said, "Do you think her accent is real? Nobody talks like that!" Ha!

I love you Tori, you are the best. And I am so glad you live in Arkansas so your kids can grow up and marry each other. :)

Here is downtown Conway. Isn't it cute? I took this picture in March when I was there:

I probably won't be invited back now.

I am thrilled Kris won! I actually voted for the first time on Tuesday. Your welcome, Kris.

In other reality TV news...

*I was glad to see Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars. I really wanted it to be Melissa, but I'll live.

*And I am excited about this season of The Bachelorette. What's the deal with the guy obsessed with feet? He needs to go.

* I also can't wait to see the season premier of Jon and Kate plus 8 on Monday. I keep praying they will work things out. I feel bad for that family. I know they are millionaires, but I still feel bad.

*Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood starts next week too. She is impossible not to watch. She will say anything and pretty much nothing embarrasses her. Plus I am from the original 90210 generation. We graduated high school the same year for goodness sakes, so we are bonded.

I will continue with my randomness. Marcus says I can switch topics like it's my job. I wish it paid something.

It's the unofficial beginning of summer! Woo Hoo!

This is Blue enjoying the pool.

Marcus said our day lilys are "lilying"!

I couldn't include Blue with out Poncho:
He doesn't swim, just mainly naps.

And this is my nephew Ryan at his t-ball game last night.

This is him knocking over his friend running into first.

It feels like summer!

Rock on McRib!


Unknown said...

You crack me up Dina! I miss hanging out with you on Wednesday nights.

Amanda said...

You have the best personality! I know I don't really "know" you but from what I read I bet you are a hoot to hang out with. I am so in love with your house. I showed my husband your cabinets b/c I love them and he was like uh-no. He just doesn't appreciate great whimsical style! Keep up the good work on the blog- it's enjoyable to read!!

Kasey said...

I love Tori and Dean. I just discovered it the past season and was hooked.

I also feel bad for the Gosselins. I wonder if they wish they'd never done the show.

Chiki Choka said...

I also wanted Melissa to win. Although I didnt mind Shawn Johnson winning though. She seems like such a nice girl. I used to watch the Bachelorette but I just hate how these people can volenteer for these shows and I cant stand them falling in love in 3 weeks. Its impossible.....especially under those circumstances....

The Stain Family said...

Ouch. :) Rock on McRib. And just so you've got all your facts straight...sometimes we have three names...like my hubs, Billy Lynn Wayne. Pronounced Bil-lyn-Way-an. ;)

Funny post and I take no offense. I saved your blog as a fave last week b/c I LOVE your style of decorating. Great job on your dining room!

Kelly said...

I am laughing SO hard right now!!! You are hilarious! I am from Arkansas and I love to poke fun at us. And you are so right about the double names. In fact - I always thought I would use double names but I ended up not - but who knows.....I could change my mind if we have another one.
And I noticed everyone was leaving me comments on my videos saying I had an accent and I had thought I had lost it.
But if it makes you feel better - I was born in TEXAS! ha! And I lived there 7 years out of my life.

Kelly said...

P.S. We once saw a church sign (in AR) that said "Git R done for God" and we totally stopped to take a picture and have never quit laughing about it.