Day Trip

This is Courtney and Stephen. They are some of our BFFs and also our Crazy Mouse partners! They are expecting twins in December. We could not be more excited for them, but at the same time we know the twins are really going to cramp our style! So we have to get in some new adventures before their arrival.

Marcus and Stephen found this cute PINK soda shoppe when they were hunting in the spring. Can't you just picture them in their camo sharing a strawberry milkshake? Precious.

So they have been telling Courtney and me that they wanted to take us, because they just knew we would love it. They were right!

Do you see the pink fridge?!

The owners also have a restaurant next door. So we ate first and then had ice cream.

They had such a fun outdoor set up with a saloon, general store and jail.

Courtney and me in the Saloon. I had to stand on my tip toes to see over the door. I'm not a tall girl.

The best part is what we saw on the way home!

sweet ride.

The extra funny part is that we were in a minivan. So we could not have looked like bigger nerds. (if you have a minivan you are NOT a nerd, it's just that we didn't have any kids with us) We borrowed it from my parents since we were driving all day. We didn't have a car that was very comfy for a road trip.

Why do my parents have a minivan? I am not sure. I guess they are big nerds too. It sure will come in handy when the twins come though!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Dina, I am rolling laughing! Look closely at the second picture of the 'Sweet Ride'. Is that J-Lo looking back at y'all??

Looks like you had such a sweet time:)


Staci said...

OMG Dina, I swear I have seen that Cadillac around town. (Surely there aren't two of them!) I remember because my cousin collects all things Cadillac so this made an impression on me! Weird.

That little soda shop looks adorable. Where is it? It might be worth the trip.

Audra said...

Wow, where is the soda shop?

Crystal said...

Tony's parents have a minivan too. Guess it's ok if you have grandkids.
Better them than me!

Hayley said...

Hahahahahaha...that is sooo funny!

My parents have a mini van too, just because they love it and refuse to give it up even though it's just the 2 of them. They're big nerds :)

I enjoy reading your blog so much!!


Beth said...

I LOVE that Cadillac! OMG! Saawwweeeeeeet!

Oh yea, my dad has a mini van! Yep. You guessed it....he's a nerd. LOL

Dina said...

The Soda Shop is 10 miles north of Stephenville. I think it's officially in Huckabay, but in the community of Oak Dale.