Less Is More...

but more is better!

I have loved doing the home tours at Kelly's Korner, because it makes me finish projects I keep putting off, and I have to at least clean one room a week! It also helps me realize when a space looks nekkid. Sometimes you can't tell unless you see it in a picture. That was the case with one of my guest rooms.

This is the room the fist time I posted it: It's fine, but too much wall is showing for my taste.

So I went shopping in my own house and found some crosses to group on the wall. I also added a green pillow to the bed and put the "home" sign over the window.

I only spent $6 to add some oomph to the room. That was on 2 red flowers for the lamps.

I always love those baby head bands with the big flowers on them. So until I have a baby to accessorize, I will just embellish my lamps. I just cut most of the stem off the flower, tied a bow, and then hooked the flower in the middle.

So much cuter!

I also added the three plates on top, that I already had, to this wall.

When you only buy things that you really love and that reflect your style, they will be interchangeable in almost any room in your house. It's fun to switch things up and redecorate by "shopping" in your own home. Then you can tell your husband how thrifty you are (and he won't care about that pink cooler).

Thanks for all the cooler comments. You completely convinced my husband that we needed it.

Now lets tell him I need a pink mini cooper!


kimert said...

Ok, seriously way cute room!! I love what you added to it. And those lamps are adorable! You are so crafty! Thanks for sharing. :)

Now off to read about that pink cooler since I apparently missed it while I was on vacation!

Beth said...

Way too cute room! I'm w/ya on the pink Mini Cooper...that would be so adorable! Pink is my favorite color and I also have a pink Igloo cooler (it's called the Ice Cube). I bought it at Fred's 2 years ago. I get so many looks and comments when I'm out 'n about w/it! I love it!

Amanda said...

I love everyting you do!!! Your amazing!

Helen Joy said...

Wow it was cute before, but is is SUPER cute now. I really love what you did! I love shopping my own home:-)

Lauren & Matt said...

I love the addition to the wall! It looks great! And Marcus, not only does she NEED a pink mini cooper.. she DESERVES one ;)

See yall sunday!

Frugal Jen said...

Great groupings! I need to try some fun groups like you've done.

Fabiola said...

I love the wall with all types of cross. I want to do something like that in one of my walls back home!!!

I am not sure about a pink Minicooper, but I saw a burgundy one in front of my hotel in Paris this morning, that it would be perfect for me : )


Embellished Bayou said...

The lamps are so cute, what a great idea! I love all the black and white accents.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from Kelly's Korner. It's now on my all-time favorites!! I have absolutely no creativity, but I love just about everything I've seen in your photos!! You've been an inspiration, that's for sure:)
Sandi in WI