Shop 'til You Drop!

I went to the Dallas Market last week to restock my space at Golightly's. I thought I would give my blog friends an opportunity to buy a few things too.

I love bright colorful jewelry. I wear a lot of black and sometimes the jewelry just "makes" the outfit.

1. fun necklace and earrings. $19.99 SOLD Thanks Chelsea!

2. another colorful necklace and earrings set. $19.99 SOLD Thanks Stacey!

3. Pink cuff bracelet with crown. $12.99

4. Turquoise cuff bracelet with cross. $16.99 SOLD Thanks Brooke!

5. Pearl bracelet with rhinestones. It uncoils so it's easy to get on and off. $12.99

6. White flower ring. $9.99 SOLD Thanks Meagan!

7. Chunky Pearl and roses bracelet. (I got one for me too!) $14.99 SOLD Thanks Chelsea!

8. Pale pink and brown necklace and earrings. $24.99

9. Hammered metal dog tag necklace with cross $16.99 SOLD Thanks Brooke!

10. Circles and beads necklace and earrings. $24.99

11. Flower necklaces: pink, black, cream, yellow. $12.99 And a yellow ring. $9.99

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items. Just leave a comment with your email and the item number and description. Shipping is $4.95 per package. (even if you get more than one item) We can do the payments with pay pal or by check. I can send your jewelry out as soon as tomorrow!


Chelsea Coker said...

I would love to have #1 & #7!
I can pay by paypal. I'm so excited about the fun jewelry :)

Chelsea Coker said...

I forgot to leave my email...chelscoker@gmail.com

Stacey said...

I would like to buy #2.

My e mail is stacey_renee86@hotmail.com

~Amy Rose said...

Tell me what you have left.....I am loving thebracelets! ALL of them! I have been wanting to drive across town and visit Golightly's. It looks like it could be my new favorite place! I follow their blog now....THANKS to you! LOVE you and your style!

Stacey said...


E mail with info how to get you some money!



Dawn said...

Dina, cute, cute stuff. Per some of your previous posts, I've made a visit to Golightly's and Cheap Thrills. Where is your section located in Golightly's? You can email me directly at muneca1230@tx.rr.com. Also, do you sell the crosses. Thanks!

Meagan said...

I love love love #6! Instead of shipping it to me, could I get it from you at Golightly's?

my email:


Brooklynn said...

Do you sell them all at Golightly's? My email is

Really, really LOVE them all!!