Friday Night Fireworks

Marcus and I have been loving the Friday night fireworks on Grapevine lake this summer. It all ends next week, but yesterday was our last time to be able to go.

We always bring the dogs with us too.
Something tells me they are not loving the flash on my new pink camera!
What do you think?

Marcus thought it was a little bit abusive, but I thought it was hilarious!

Usually when Blue sees the camera he poses just like this:

Goodbye fireworks and Fridays by the lake. We will miss you, but now it's time to start thinking about pumpkins, gourds and soon Christmas lights , trees, ornaments, wreaths, garland, Santa, s'mores by the fire place...I'm ready!
Today it's only going to be 90 instead of the usual 100, so we are enjoying the "cold front".

This is my view from the hammock.

Have a great and relaxing weekend!


34.5 and 7

We have been doing a little bit of celebrating around here.

Last Thursday was my half birthday. Yes, I realize I'm adult... 34 and a half to be exact. Half Birthdays are just something we acknowledge in our home. It's fun! And one birthday a year is just not enough in my opinion.

Now, If you are one of those girls that doesn't like to celebrate your birthday, because it means you are getting older, I beg you to reconsider. First of all you get older with or without the party and second if you are not get older it means you are DEAD! So just get over the number and celebrate your life!

You can read how we starting celebrating our half birthdays here.

I found this by my bathroom sink on my half birthday eve when I was getting ready for bed. It was 10:30 pm.

Do you think I waited until midnight?

(On the back of that paper was a HILARIOUS poem by Marcus. He is gifted with his rhyming skills.)
I waited until 10:31 pm. This is what I got:

A PINK camera! I really needed a new one. Mine only worked if I didn't use the flash. That's not super convenient.

I think I have gotten just a little bit spoiled.

Then on Saturday my nephew turned 7!
He had a pool party at our house.

We got to play with Ryan in the pool when everybody else left.

Uncle Marcus loves to throw him around!

Whether you are 7 or 30-something, cherish everyday and celebrate with the ones you love.


Oh Baby

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life: Baby Shower Ideas:

I have hosted a million and one baby showers, but unfortunately I haven't taken a million and one pictures.

One thing I always do is a clothes line of baby clothes.

It serves two purposes, decoration and a gift.

(All these pictures are in my old house, so it won't look familiar to the regulars.)

Another idea is to hang bottles and pacifiers on a chandelier.

I have also seen people hang sonogram pictures and the baby's monogram too.

For this shower I wrapped Hershey bars with the baby girl's name on them.

You can never go wrong with chocolate.

Here are some cute ideas from

This is from Alison Sweeney's baby shower. You know the Biggest Loser host and Sami from Days? I guess my invite got lost in the mail...

And this is my kind of baby shower:
The Sweetest Thing!

I am a little bit addicted to sugar and I'm sure my babies will be too!

Happy Showering!


Thief In The Night

I am going to steal this idea!

I took this picture at Golightly's.

Janet painted this table, and I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Do you think the same idea would look good on my big table?

I would love to add more pink in here.

I think pink makes life just a little bit better.


We Are Family

My (older) sister, Kelly's birthday was last week, so we all went to dinner together. Then Marcus and I had the privilege of our niece and nephew sleeping over.

We told them we were going to take them for ice cream and Ryan said, "You don't have to waste your money on us. We don't need ice cream."

What a sweet kid. That earned him some ice cream right away!

Then they were going to wait to eat it when we got home, because they didn't want to spill in the car! Clearly they didn't take notice of the fact that my car has seen it's share of spills.

(In fact just today I was with my dad as he was waiting to get eye surgery. About a minute after they gave him the anesthesia he was telling me I needed to take my car to a car wash, because it was filthy! I guess it's been something he has been thinking for a while and just needed to be drugged to let it out! I am glad that's the worst thing he said. )

This is sweet Morgan:

And sweet Marcus enjoying his milkshake. He wasn't worried one bit about spilling.
In fact, husband, you left your cup in my car!

Also, last week my Aunt Carol came to visit from Nashville:

Mom and Aunt Carol.

She is super talented. A great cook and a great artist.

She had these note cards made for me out of paintings she has done.

I think I might frame them.

She also did this cherry painting for me a couple of years ago. I love it!

Thank you God for my sweet, funny, talented family!


Blog Party!

Some DFW bloggers met up on Friday night at the tea room in Golightly's.

It was so great to meet everyone in real life!

I wish I got everyone's cute faces in this action shot. There was lots of talking that night. Kendra, Jennifer (who planned the whole event), Alicia and Adrien.

And you can't see Alyssa and Elyse. And somehow I missed Jennifer?

These are all the "multiple moms". Liz has twins, and Suzanne, Misty, and Casey all have quads.

Here is the undomesticated wife, Girls I know in real life; Crystal and Catherine. Stacy and Nicole (who came all the way from Oklahoma)!

We had such a great time and everyone was so sweet and normal. Some of our husbands and families thought we were crazy for meeting "strangers"!

Now we are not stangers, but friends.
We'll have to do it again soon!


Another Bloomin' Project

I love when things magically work out.

First, I got these lamp shades at Golightly's (at two different times) and painted them black.
Then I found these great crystal lamps at a garage sale, for $5! They were just big enough to fit the shades.

Then of course I had to add some fabric and a flower. Adding flowers to my lamps has become a little bit of an addiction.

I just added these flowers to my bedroom lamps.
It's cheap, easy, and not permanent.

My brother in law was over today and said, "So do you just walk around your house every morning and say, 'what am I going to decorate today?'

Pretty much


Your Assignments and the Big Reveal

This is the secret project I have been working on:

Yes, I did paint my refrigerator. And I painted the area in the frame with chalkboard paint, and now I don't know what to write in there.

That's your first assignment. What should I write? Keep it clean, people.

Here is my super sweet friend Anna helping me with the project. She's pretty artsy fartsy. (mainly fartsy)

Now your second assignment is to leave me a comment with your email address if you are a blogger that lives in the DFW area. Frugal Jen is planning a little get together next week for us all to get together and meet. We have to limit it to about 30 people, because of the location. So when I get your email address I will give it to Jen and she will send out an evite.

Your third assignment is the most important! I have my dreaded Dr.s appointment tomorrow at 9:45. Please say a prayer that I can be calm and not totally flip out with anxiety. I know I am a big girl, but I still hate to go. That's an understatement, really. So your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Probably even more by my doctor than by me!

Thanks girls! OK, now go do your homework!