34.5 and 7

We have been doing a little bit of celebrating around here.

Last Thursday was my half birthday. Yes, I realize I'm adult... 34 and a half to be exact. Half Birthdays are just something we acknowledge in our home. It's fun! And one birthday a year is just not enough in my opinion.

Now, If you are one of those girls that doesn't like to celebrate your birthday, because it means you are getting older, I beg you to reconsider. First of all you get older with or without the party and second if you are not get older it means you are DEAD! So just get over the number and celebrate your life!

You can read how we starting celebrating our half birthdays here.

I found this by my bathroom sink on my half birthday eve when I was getting ready for bed. It was 10:30 pm.

Do you think I waited until midnight?

(On the back of that paper was a HILARIOUS poem by Marcus. He is gifted with his rhyming skills.)
I waited until 10:31 pm. This is what I got:

A PINK camera! I really needed a new one. Mine only worked if I didn't use the flash. That's not super convenient.

I think I have gotten just a little bit spoiled.

Then on Saturday my nephew turned 7!
He had a pool party at our house.

We got to play with Ryan in the pool when everybody else left.

Uncle Marcus loves to throw him around!

Whether you are 7 or 30-something, cherish everyday and celebrate with the ones you love.


the undomesticated wife said...

I agree about getting older...my former boss used to say that it's better than stopping suddenly! :)

Love the pink camera, that is way cool!

Emily said...

Birthdays are the best! You go GIRL!

Co Captain aka Mommy said...

Hey Dina-It's me Christine!!! You know Scrofano. Anywho, I am soooo amazed at your bog and your house. You are the MOST creative person!! I would sooooo love to get together with you. I stay at home with 3 kiddies now! Anyway, sorry to leave a huge message on your blog. But I wanted to say "Hi". Email me at cscrofa@gmail.comi

Co Captain aka Mommy said...

Ok, sorry that should say blog not bog! An gmail.com, not comi. Sorry!!

Beth said...

I'm totally down with celebrating a half birthday! Cool idea. I'm jealous of your PINK camera! That's just fabulous.

Stacey said...

A PINK camera!!! Thats the best:) Can me and my hubby come to TX and let him take good hubby lessons? LOL!


I had my little boy a 6 month birthday party and it was awsome!Everyone that I was crazy!

Rachel said...

The birthday party looked fun! Looking at your pool really makes me want to go swimming this very second :) haha

Stephanie said...

I will definitely look at my birthday in a different perspective now...great words!! I'm glad you shared =)

Alicia {Murry Mayhem} said...

Love it! I love birthdays! I have "birth week"! LOL!

Denise said...

How about 50 something! That's me and I love the 1/2 birthday idea.