Tomorrow Is Monday

My weekend was extra good and long. On Friday Marcus and I went to lunch and then happened by a garage sale at a fancy house. I got this cute purse:

The lady told me she designed it at one of those purse parties and paid $130 for it. I got it for 3 bucks. Is the giraffe print out though? I figured for $3 I would chance it.

Then we were on our way to see the Friday night fireworks at Grapevine Lake and it started storming really bad out of nowhere. The dogs were in the back of the truck so we had to let them in the back seat so they wouldn't get soaked.

They were pretty excited about it.

This next picture makes me laugh out loud whenever I see it. I guess I was taking too many pictures and the flash was bothering Blue.

I guess it was bothering Marcus too. Eyes on the road mister!
Also, did you notice Blue's ears. Whenever his fur gets wet it looks like we took a crimping iron to his ears. I used to love my crimper. It made my side ponytail extra spunky.

Then on Sunday my friend, Tori, came in town from Arkansas.

This is her trying on a clip on pony tail. They don't have that kind of high fashion in Arkansas. You have to come to Texas to get the good fake hair.

You know, the bigger the hair, the closer to God. That's our motto.

We had the best time just talking and eating and eating and talking. Our main diet for the past 2 days was Mexican food, oreos and m&m's. When I went to bed the first night she was here, I turned on the tv to go to sleep, and the morning news was coming on!

We hung out with our friend Anna for a while:

This is Anna's son, Jackson. He was being very manly in his hard hat, with his new chain saw and Tori's sparkly flip flops.

Tori just left today and now I need to sleep for about 24 hours to catch up. She's got 3 year old twins waiting for her at home, so she'll be tired for about 15 more years.
So tomorrow I won't be spending my day shopping, watching girly movies, chit chatting, and eating out...
Life's so unfair!


Kelly’s Korner said...

Love the giraffe purse!! I think it's still "in" but I'm from Arkansas so what do I know???????
ha ha ha ha ha ha! :-)

Unknown said...

Ah, Tori is so sweet! The purse is cute and when you get tired of it, you could at least use the handles to spiffy up another purse or something. Have you finished that project yet?

Stacey said...

The purse is so cute! And for 3 bucks its even more cute!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

Staci said...

I think the purse is super cute! Love the green.

Looks like you made a stop at Sam Moon! Is it the new one? I can NOT believe I haven't been yet. How sad am I?

Yea, those storms Friday night were kind of wicked. We were out to dinner and suddenly it started looking very windy and dark. We walked in the door just as the flood gates opened. Gotta love Texas weather.