We Are Family

My (older) sister, Kelly's birthday was last week, so we all went to dinner together. Then Marcus and I had the privilege of our niece and nephew sleeping over.

We told them we were going to take them for ice cream and Ryan said, "You don't have to waste your money on us. We don't need ice cream."

What a sweet kid. That earned him some ice cream right away!

Then they were going to wait to eat it when we got home, because they didn't want to spill in the car! Clearly they didn't take notice of the fact that my car has seen it's share of spills.

(In fact just today I was with my dad as he was waiting to get eye surgery. About a minute after they gave him the anesthesia he was telling me I needed to take my car to a car wash, because it was filthy! I guess it's been something he has been thinking for a while and just needed to be drugged to let it out! I am glad that's the worst thing he said. )

This is sweet Morgan:

And sweet Marcus enjoying his milkshake. He wasn't worried one bit about spilling.
In fact, husband, you left your cup in my car!

Also, last week my Aunt Carol came to visit from Nashville:

Mom and Aunt Carol.

She is super talented. A great cook and a great artist.

She had these note cards made for me out of paintings she has done.

I think I might frame them.

She also did this cherry painting for me a couple of years ago. I love it!

Thank you God for my sweet, funny, talented family!


the undomesticated wife said...

Now those are the kind of kids everyone wants! ha!

Denise said...

What sweet kids! You are lucky to have such a talented aunt!


Beth said...

Cute kids! Aunt Carol has got her some talent!