Watch Out Crows

It was time to add some fall to the yard. It hasn't been in the 90's since Sunday, so I think it's safe.

I don't think this scarecrow could be scary if she tried.

Just get some punkins, bales of straw, mums, a non scary scarecrow and voila...it's fall!

My pumpkins tend to multiply in the fall, because every time I go to Walmart one ends up in my basket. They are only $3 or $4, so it would practically be a sin to pass one up.

Ooh, and on the inside, I added some orange lights to my mantle.

I think it's pretty exciting.

One more fall thing. Do you know about Honeycrisp apples? They are the BEST apples and you can only get them during fall. (You know it's got to be good if I am raving about a fruit. Usually powdered donuts or brownies are something I rave about.)

I am pretty sure it's the apple that Eve ate in the garden of eden. And I bet it was totally worth it.

We can find them at the grocery store, but if you can't, you can order them here.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the big long trip we just went on, because my husband "accidentally" bought a car on eBay.


The Flipper Part III

This is the 3rd and final post about the flipper. In my comments I am being offered lunch, dessert, sugar and cupcakes to come and decorate for some of you. You know how to win me over, thats for sure!

It's obvious I didn't have a blog when I took these before and after pictures 2 years ago.
I want to go back in time and get better angles.
Until that's possible you'll have to look at these pictures.
The master bedroom before:

and after:

The fireplace in our master bedroom before:

and after:

The hall bath before:

and after: I painted one of those ugly 70's lights turquoise and used it as an accent lamp.

One of the guest bedrooms before:

and after:

And the other guest bedroom. I wish we had a before picture, because this room was totally burned. We had to gut the whole room and start over.

So now we are in our 4th house since we got married almost 10 years ago. Part of me wants to stay settled where we are and the other crazy part likes the idea of starting over and getting to decorate something new.

We'll see which part wins out...


The Flipper Part II

Ugh, the kitchen. Who could have an appetite in this kitchen?

This is a different angel, but you get the idea.

I did love the built in shelves.



I don't have any before pictures of the living room. You can probably imagine the ugliness.

And the before of the fourth bedroom that we turned into an office.

I don't have a good after picture of the office, but it's in the room with the french doors. That was originally a solid wall and we opened it up to the living room and added the doors. It made everything look so much bigger.

The sweet girls are a bonus in the "after" picture.

Next I'll show you the bedrooms...


The Flipper

That's what we call the house that we flipped. Pretty original, huh?

So this was our in between house.
It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to see what it looked like at the beginning.

This is the after: We painted the brick and the door and changed out the glass on the front door too. And trimmed the trees and added grass. It's amazing what grass can do for a house.

The entry before:

We took down the green railing and now part of it is hanging on either side of my t.v. in my current house. You can see them here.

I wish I had a better picture, but we took off the closet doors in the entry and made it more of a decorative space.

The dining room before:

Yes, it's painted black with purple trim.

The dining room after:

The before to the after took about 3 weeks! No kidding. We had to be in the house in a hurry, since our house sold. So we hired a contractor and he whipped it out quick. He took a little over 2 weeks to complete the house and I decorated it right away.
I'll show you some more of the house soon!


Our House Across The Street

Since I am not motivated to do any projects in my current house, I thought I'd take this time to show you our house across the street.
We used to live across the street from our home that we live in now. We loved that house, but it had a small yard. So when our neighbors retired and wanted to move, we made an offer on their house, because they had a nice big yard. So now it's our nice big yard.
(it's probably not considered big to most of you, it's just hard to find a house with a decent sized yard in these parts. Even though we are the second biggest state in the country. We tend to cram our houses together)

Instead of it being an easy move, just a few feet away. We did the hard way. Someone made an offer on our house when it wasn't even for sale yet. We still had 6 months to wait until our neighbors were ready to sell us their house. We sold ours anyway, because it just seemed "meant to be". So in the meantime we flipped a house. You know, got a fixer upper, fixed it up, and sold it. We lived in that house for 6 months until we could get our house.

Does that make sense? I'll show you the house we flipped next week. When you see the before pictures, you will think we are 100% crazy. You'd be right.

I sure loved my red sink. That was a gift from Marcus. Too bad I couldn't pack it up with me. I did take the red phone though!

That's the fridge that has cherries painted on it now. I should have done that years ago.

Our hallway:

Our formal living room, that's not so formal:

The dresser in the back is now in our hall bathroom with a sink in it!

Our t.v room. My friend Courtney now has this couch. It goes perfect in her house.

Our bedroom:

I had to add this picture in here. We often threw things in our fan to watch them fling across the room. Of course Marcus taught me that trick.
I have a funny story about that, but you can't tell anyone and don't judge me. Marcus would always throw socks or underwear up there and it would shoot across the room. Well, one day I threw my bra up there, because whats funnier than a flying bra? Nothing. Except I must have used my super powers, because it hit the fan and broke a blade clear off! We were laughing so hard we were crying and couldn't breath.
Good times.

Our guest rooms:

The couple that bought our house, also bought the bedding in all 3 rooms, because she didn't want to have to repaint anything.

The fireman bathroom:

and this was our 1/2 bath that I painted floor to ceiling with chalkboard paint. Our nieces and nephews loved it!

Enjoy your weekend!