The Flipper

That's what we call the house that we flipped. Pretty original, huh?

So this was our in between house.
It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to see what it looked like at the beginning.

This is the after: We painted the brick and the door and changed out the glass on the front door too. And trimmed the trees and added grass. It's amazing what grass can do for a house.

The entry before:

We took down the green railing and now part of it is hanging on either side of my t.v. in my current house. You can see them here.

I wish I had a better picture, but we took off the closet doors in the entry and made it more of a decorative space.

The dining room before:

Yes, it's painted black with purple trim.

The dining room after:

The before to the after took about 3 weeks! No kidding. We had to be in the house in a hurry, since our house sold. So we hired a contractor and he whipped it out quick. He took a little over 2 weeks to complete the house and I decorated it right away.
I'll show you some more of the house soon!


Unknown said...

I've been lurking for awhile and had to comment. The flip is amazing! Did you keep the step from the entry to the living area? Love your ideas - thanks for sharing!

The Lumley's said...

I love this house too! You are amazing! I so wish I could have you come to my house and help me! I can't wait for more pics:)

Abbie said...

WOW! That's amazing! I cannot believe how quickly you managed to transform it! It looks like the Before and After's I always look at on MSN!

laurensmommy said...

I'm always so impressed with any pictures you show...you have a great eye for design! Love your style!! :)

These are the days... said...

LOVE the chanelier in the dining room! Can you tell me where you found it? Thanks!

Laurie said...

I love before and afters! Great job!

Rachel said...

Okay, I *thought* your style looked familiar!! We live in Bedford, just on the other side of Brown Trail, and we actually went to the open house of the Pleasentview house a few years ago!!! I thought based on your pictures and your style that you were the same person, but I couldn't be sure.

The house is ADORABLE. You have a true talent, and it is amazing!

We loved it, but the location was kind of iffy, just because it's right on the corner of such a busy intersection. But wow, you sure made it beautiful!

Thanks for sharing! Keep the pics coming!

the undomesticated wife said...

Very nice! I can't believe all that only took 3 weeks!

Rachel said...

You are very talented!!!

Lauren & Matt said...

Yall did so good! The people that live their now always leave their garage door open with they aren't home.. Ive seen it 2x now! They must be crazy

Allie said...

This flip is amazing! I would love to do that someday..I have to praise you on your unique style of decorating! I love it.
I have to ask in your living room where did you find your huge rooster?? And are those letters cardboard spelling "HOME"? We have been searching for large letters only coming across Cardboard...Hmm..WELL Anyway great job, beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful afters!

Dina said...

We did keep the step down from the entry to the living room.

The Chandelier in the dining room I think is from Lowe's, if not there than Home Depot.

The rooster I got in Canton. It's a once a month flea market in East TX. All my favorite things are from there.

The HOME letters are from Cheap Thrills Decor in Keller tx. The H is wood and OME are from old businesses. they are the kind that used to light up.

Dina said...

Oh and Rachel,

That's crazy that you came to an open house there! And in a different post you asked if I would be your personal shopper. That would be like a dream job! So SURE!