It Doesn't Look Like Crapola To Me

Tomorrow we have been promised that a cold front is coming in. It's going to get down to a chilly 88 degrees. So I think it's safe to show you some fall decorations

This is the buffet in my kitchen. I got the cute autumn sign from Cherry Hill Cottage a couple of years ago.

Here's a close up of my cute Pilgrims and Indians. (or native Americans, for you politically correct folks) Sometimes I mix them up and make them interracial couples just for fun.

And this is my dining room table. That big pumpkin will go outside eventually. In a few weeks, I'll get some mums and real pumpkins and decorate my yard.

I got some branches from one of our trees to decorate the mantle.

These chubby polka dot pumpkins are made by Sharon from Glazed From the Heart. I think they are my favorite fall item. Well, them and candy corn.

And I just tied some burlap around a mason jar and stuck a tea light in it.

And voila...

I got these pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. They were originally floral picks and I pulled the stem off. I thought I was being frugal, because they were half off and I got them for $2 each. But then I went to Walmart and saw some cute pumpkins for $1 each. I'll probably need to get some of those too!

Only 77 more days until it's time to decorate for Christmas!


kimert said...

YOu have some of the most wonderful decorating ideas I have ever seen!!! So crafty!
I skip fall decorating because we are so busy with football but I love Christmas!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is my very favorite!!! I LOVE your decorating ideas and syle! I am also a big fan of ME stuff which I see through out your home. I just love the colander light that your husband made for you in your kitchen. Can you email me on how he did this? Thanks for sharing your home with us each day.


G.B. said...

oohh....I just love your fall decorations. I have looked around today and contemplated pulling mine out! Now you have given me inspiration:) Love your stuff!!

Susan Brown Holland said...

Love all your cute decorating ideas...your house is the most unique haven ever!!! I, too, am very proud of your husband and all firefighters for their sacrifices. Thanks,Dina!

Denise said...

Everything looks so fallish!

I love those dotted pumpkins!


the undomesticated wife said...

I love the polka dog pumpkins, so cute! It's hard for me to pull out my fall stuff yet since it's still HOT here, but once hubs gets back from France, I'm going to have him drag that stuff down from the attic. It is mid September after all. I gotta get started.

Brittany said...

so cute!! i love holiday decor, i put out my fall stuff sept 1st. i couldn't wait any longer!

stop by my Goodwill party every Wednesday and link up your thrifty finds!!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE your fall decor! Too cute!
Where did you find your "Happy Everything" plate? It's so much fun! Happy Fall!
*I've gotten so many compliments on the jewelry I purchased from you :)*

3boysmom said...

I was wondering also where you got your Happy Everything plate? Love it and all of your fall decor. I've been wondering if it's too soon to get out my fall stuff and now I'm just gonna go for it. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Tina & Scott said...

ummm, LOVE the fall wreath!!! where did you get that one? i love my orange berry wreath that's on my front door right now, BUT it looks too small - I need something more full! any help?
thank you,
Tina Chessher