Our House Across The Street

Since I am not motivated to do any projects in my current house, I thought I'd take this time to show you our house across the street.
We used to live across the street from our home that we live in now. We loved that house, but it had a small yard. So when our neighbors retired and wanted to move, we made an offer on their house, because they had a nice big yard. So now it's our nice big yard.
(it's probably not considered big to most of you, it's just hard to find a house with a decent sized yard in these parts. Even though we are the second biggest state in the country. We tend to cram our houses together)

Instead of it being an easy move, just a few feet away. We did the hard way. Someone made an offer on our house when it wasn't even for sale yet. We still had 6 months to wait until our neighbors were ready to sell us their house. We sold ours anyway, because it just seemed "meant to be". So in the meantime we flipped a house. You know, got a fixer upper, fixed it up, and sold it. We lived in that house for 6 months until we could get our house.

Does that make sense? I'll show you the house we flipped next week. When you see the before pictures, you will think we are 100% crazy. You'd be right.

I sure loved my red sink. That was a gift from Marcus. Too bad I couldn't pack it up with me. I did take the red phone though!

That's the fridge that has cherries painted on it now. I should have done that years ago.

Our hallway:

Our formal living room, that's not so formal:

The dresser in the back is now in our hall bathroom with a sink in it!

Our t.v room. My friend Courtney now has this couch. It goes perfect in her house.

Our bedroom:

I had to add this picture in here. We often threw things in our fan to watch them fling across the room. Of course Marcus taught me that trick.
I have a funny story about that, but you can't tell anyone and don't judge me. Marcus would always throw socks or underwear up there and it would shoot across the room. Well, one day I threw my bra up there, because whats funnier than a flying bra? Nothing. Except I must have used my super powers, because it hit the fan and broke a blade clear off! We were laughing so hard we were crying and couldn't breath.
Good times.

Our guest rooms:

The couple that bought our house, also bought the bedding in all 3 rooms, because she didn't want to have to repaint anything.

The fireman bathroom:

and this was our 1/2 bath that I painted floor to ceiling with chalkboard paint. Our nieces and nephews loved it!

Enjoy your weekend!


Staci said...

That was a fun tour! And seriously, who doesn't love a good flying bra story??

I am about to make my blog private and I know you have read it from time to time since we are practically neighbors and all. If you will email me fiabellaphotography@yahoo.com, I will send you an invite.

Lauren & Matt said...

I LOVE the red sink!! That kitchen was great. I also loved the red wall in the living room and also Courtney's couch =)

Stacey said...

I LOVE you old house too!

I am so glad you came out and told your story. Me and my husband do silly things like that all the time! I love laughing and what is funnier than flying underwear? NOTHING!!! Its scary that we are raising a 2 year old:) But he will learn to laugh and have fun and that its ok when he get married its still ok to have fun and me silly!

Thanks for the "other house" tour! Have a great weekend

Brooklynn said...

How much would you charge me to come decorate my house?? I LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

Brittany said...

love love love those black kitchen cabinets & red sink!

Anonymous said...

The kitchen in your old house was SO cute!!! The black cabinets were beautiful and fun. I like the black cabinets much better than the blue ones. The kitchen sink was ADORABLE!

Lauren said...

I just think that your style is soooo artsy and unique...I ADORE it! You have such creativity and it looks like you have a lot of fun with your style! Your current home pix look amazing as well! I do love the idea of a chalk wall for the children! How fun! :)

I'll keep checking in...your style is inspiring!

Susan Brown Holland said...

Okay, Dina, your bra story tops my skirt story....funny we didn't hear that on Bunco night??? Love both houses...you add such fun and flair to your decorating...love it!

laurensmommy said...

your style is so fun! And it doesn't look "fussy", but everything flows together really well.

I LOVE those black cabinets...did you guys distress them or were they alredy like that?

Thanks for inspiring me!!

And the bra story was so stinkin' funny...but don't worry, I won't tell anyone about it! :)

Cortni said...

Please promise that when we buy a house, you will come visit me and help me decorate it?? You aren't afraid to go bold and I love that!! I don't have an eye for matching things like you...I'm so freakin' jealous!!

Frugal Jen said...

That house looked great too! I am interrested to see the house you "flipped".

So true about yards in this area. I dream of a large backyard without a 2 story house peeking over.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tour of the old house! I am still laughing about the bra in the fan! So funny. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the flip pics.

Dina said...

We did paint the cabinets black and then distressed them. I use Behr black paint in satin. Other blacks come out purple or brown.