Some Answers

I don't usually have all the answers, but today I do. I am answering the questions some of you had about my last 2 posts:

Who pays for the groceries at the Fire Department? The guys have to pay for their own groceries. It's usually $10 or $15 each that they spend per shift at the store. Sometimes they go out to eat too, if it's been a busy day and they don't have time to cook or shop. So all of you should drop by your local fire station and bring some food sometime. Even if it's just snacks or dessert. They would appreciate it.

What do they do with all the leftovers? That made me laugh out loud a little bit. They never have leftovers. Men can usually eat til it's gone. Marcus can anyway. If it's in front of him he'll eat it (unless it's a vegetable) even if he is stuffed.

Do they get to sleep at night? They all have beds and usually get to sleep. It's not uncommon for them to get called out during the night though. At Marcus's department they get called for fires, car accidents, and medical emergencies. One time Marcus's station got called out on a choking dog! It choked on a big piece of steak. They went and tried to save it, but they couldn't. DON'T call 911 for your pets!

Where did you get your Happy Everything Plate? Marcus got me the plate for Christmas and I love it. It's made by Coton Colors. You can buy different pieces that velcro on top. So far I just have the cross, a birthday cake, and a Christmas tree.

I really need the pumpkin right now.

And these other ones too:

I LOVE to decorate for all the holidays. I am sure I have mentioned that a time or a hundred.

Is there anything else you want to know?


Stephanie said...

UNFORTUNETLY we don't live in TX but in TN the firestations work about the same way! My hubs is a firefigher/paramedic as well. :)
I enjoy your blog!

King Amy said...

Thanks Dina!! Obviously I am not a boy...and evidently I didn't consider all the men in the fire deptartment (re: leftovers)! Thanks for answering my curiousities!

The Higginbotham's Blog said...

What a precious plate! I am ordering one!!

the undomesticated wife said...

There's a fire station about 2 blocks from my house. Last Christmas day I baked cookies and brought them up there for the guys that had to work on c-mas day. The guy who answered the door seemed really surprised. When I got home, I wondered if they threw them out...I wasn't sure if they would eat anything homemade for safety reasons. I hope they did. Because I don't cook, and for me to make homemade cookies was a big deal. ;)

Stacey said...

I just added a Happy Everything to my Christmas list! I just love it!

Erin said...

I love my happy everything plate too! did you know they make a chalkboard attachment now too? It will be so much fun to countdown specail occasions (back to school, etc.) or for monograms, you name it!