Watch Out Crows

It was time to add some fall to the yard. It hasn't been in the 90's since Sunday, so I think it's safe.

I don't think this scarecrow could be scary if she tried.

Just get some punkins, bales of straw, mums, a non scary scarecrow and voila...it's fall!

My pumpkins tend to multiply in the fall, because every time I go to Walmart one ends up in my basket. They are only $3 or $4, so it would practically be a sin to pass one up.

Ooh, and on the inside, I added some orange lights to my mantle.

I think it's pretty exciting.

One more fall thing. Do you know about Honeycrisp apples? They are the BEST apples and you can only get them during fall. (You know it's got to be good if I am raving about a fruit. Usually powdered donuts or brownies are something I rave about.)

I am pretty sure it's the apple that Eve ate in the garden of eden. And I bet it was totally worth it.

We can find them at the grocery store, but if you can't, you can order them here.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the big long trip we just went on, because my husband "accidentally" bought a car on eBay.


Karen said...

Where oh where oh where did you get that cross canvas in the black frame? I love the canvas & I LOVE the frame.

Katy said...

The place looks fantastic!

Helen Joy said...

Ha! My husband "accidentally bought a house" 2 weeks before our wedding! Can't wait to hear the story!

Laura said...

Your house is adorable!!! Where did you get your sconces on your fire place? too cute!

Unknown said...

everything looks great!
Cannot wait to hear about how you "accidently" buy a car on Ebay.. that HAS to be a good story! :) We live in Florida, so its been HOT and hard to feel "fallish", but this morning we were in the 50's! Come Fall, and STAY! :)

Haley said...

Your house is just gorgeous! I am in the north Texas area and just discovered honeycrisp apples. They are AMAZING! I hadn't ever heard of them but now I can't get enough. Too bad they are only out in the fall.

Maridith said...

I love your fall decor. I can't wait to hear about the car you "accidently" bought on ebay. That must be some car or some story!!

Dina said...

The cross above my fireplace was painted by a friend. I had the frame and Marcus found a piece of wood that fit it perfectly and she painted right on that. Her name is Ryane and her web site is www.moatesart.biz

The sconces are from a store called cheap thrills decor. They only had that one set though. Check Lowe's or Home Depot. Mine are just hung up there and are plugged in the wall. So they are not actually wired in the brick.


Marley said...

That is so funny! My husband did the same thing and had to drive to and from the place in one day to retrieve it, which it was like 2 states away. He does work at a dealership though, so it wasn't like he had to pay for it! Thank God! But they made him pay by all the ragging they did to him! :)

Frugal Jen said...

Sounds like a good story!

Your fall decor is beautiful!

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