Show Us Your Costumes

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Halloween Costumes, past or present.

Mine are from the past. Like from the olden days.

You can tell it's from the olden days, because my Coke can had a "pull off tab" instead of the kind that you just flip back.

Maybe this costume is what made me the Coke addict I am today. All I know is that it was hard to skate in, but I managed.

The year before Coke, I was Snoopy. I always loved Snoopy.

Would you believe it if I told you that my dad made me these costumes? He did. He is the kind of guy that can make anything. He's super handy to have around.

After the Coke Can year it went down hill from there. My friend Kara and I dressed up as Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones. I think people thought that we were hookers though. So that was the end of my trick or treating career.

Happy Halloween!


Trick or Treat. Smell My Feet...

you get it.

On Sunday I took my niece and nephew to our Church's Trunk or Treat. They have been coming with me since they were teensy. I look forward to it as much as they do.

Ryan, the life guard and Morgan the HSM cheerleader.

And we happen to run into my other nephew, Jeddy, the pirate:

And my niece Melissa, she's the zebra and her friend Maddie, is the nerd:

On another totally different topic, not related what so ever...new ornaments!

I got them at Sam's and I LOVE them. You will get to see what I do with them soon enough.

And to continue my shopping spree, (if 2 things counts as a spree), I got a cute yellow dish towel at Target.

It has a cherry on it, so that automatically means that I NEEDED it. It's practically like my monogram.

And it matches my fridge. And it was just $2.50 for 2 of them.

On to a third unrelated topic:

I have been married to this boy for 10 years and 5 days now. Isn't that exciting? I"ll show you what made me for our anniversary tomorrow. Every year he gets me something from the traditional anniversary gift list. It's cute. He's always been a great gift giver. That works out perfect for me, because I love gifts!

Anyway, this is Marcus making me fried chicken on Monday night. We were having Courtney over for dinner and he asked what we were having. I said fried chicken tenders. I had planned on making them, but he did everything. He even made THE BEST mashed potatoes. And not the kind from a box, the real deal. So I just sat at the kitchen table and watched, and took a picture. The picture is for your benefit so you can show your husbands. Maybe they'll get inspired.

He made so much food, we had my parents over too. What a sweet husband.

Sweet nieces and nephews, new Christmas ornaments, a cherry dish towel, a sweet husband, fried chicken, friends and family...does it get any better than that?


Do You Need A Super Cute House?

My friend Sharon is selling her historical home in Ft. Worth. You can read about it here. I have always LOVED this house and I would LOVE to have it myself, but it's just too far from Marcus's work and our church. Anyway, do any of you want it? She is having an open house on Sunday.

Sharon is my talented friend that made these cute pumpkins that so many of you commented on. I bet if you bought the house, she would throw in a pumpkin for free!


Show Us Your Fall

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Fall Decorations home tour.

I have posted these pictures in earlier posts, so if you've been here before it's all going to look very familiar.

My fall stuff is living on borrowed time right now. My Christmas stuff is just itching to come down from the attic and sparkle up my house. So that's going to happen in about 3 weeks. And I don't want to hear from any of you Grinchy-Scrooges that it's too early. I have TONS of Christmas stuff to put out, so I have to start early. Plus I really wanted to do it in July, so really I am being good!

On Sunday I had the cute 9th grade girls over from church and we painted pumpkins.

Here is a Jonas brother pumpkin:

All 3 were painted, but I didn't get pics of all of them.

Happy Fall and now let's start the countdown 'til Christmas!


Help Orphans and Look Beautiful

I have been hooked on Katie's blog for awhile now. She is a 20 year old girl, from Tennessee, living in Uganda running a food program for the Karamajong tribe and has adopted 13 girls. It is unbelievable.

From her blog I found http://www.147millionorphans.com/ Here is some info from their site:

We are two moms who love orphans! We met six years ago as we were both going through our first adoptions (one domestic and one international) … Thirteen kids and seven adoptions later, Christ has bound us together as family. We love doing life together and accepting the call to bring light into the darkness. We want to help as many people as possible to see the 147 million orphans worldwide as their brothers and sisters in Christ. We want you to see YOUR PART in helping change the life of an orphan. Could it be adoption, sponsoring a child, volunteering for orphan care ministry, rocking babies at an orphanage, financially supporting someone adopting, buying these products?

From their site I bought this necklace:

These beautiful beads are made from recycled magazines. Amazima Ministries (Katie's ministry) is training the women in the Karamajong tribe to make these UNIQUE & VIBRANT necklaces. They buy their beads, sell them, & then send a portion of the proceeds back to a feeding program for their children. So each necklace helps them twice!


I just wanted to share them with you, because first of all they are beautiful and I know I will wear mine with everything, second, they are going to make great Christmas gifts, and third, it helps a worthy cause.


Do Some Christmas Shopping Today

Kelly's Korner is hosting a "Show Us Your Life" What you make and sell. Thanks Kelly, for the opportunity for us all to share our businesses! I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

I make beaded, crosses, utensils, and pretty much anything else I can wrap a bead around.

These are all crosses I have done recently for other customers. You can custom order your colors to match any room!

And here are some examples of beaded utensils.

And I also bead chandeliers. This one is in my kitchen, but you might need one in your kitchen too. Or they would be real cute in a nursery or on a back patio.

The crosses and utensils make wonderful Christmas gifts. The chandelier would too, if you really love that person!


$189.00 plus shipping


$46.99 plus $4.95 shipping

Set of 3 Beaded utensils, spatula, ladle, and spoon

$44.99 plus $4.95 shipping

or I can bead any utensils; cake servers etc.

If you are interested in placing an order just leave a comment with what you want and your email address. I can make them in any color you choose!

Thank You

You Light Up My Life

I got two cute little lights when we went to Colorado and I am just now getting around to putting them out ...and showing you.

And I found the cutest polka dot candles at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section.

cute, huh?

It goes with my Kath Kidston towels. These are the kind of towels you just look and don't use.

For now anyway.
I am sure someday they will be used to wash the car or dry a dog.


Two Cute

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of my friend, Courtney's, twins. We have been looking forward to these babies for a long time.

Cutest cake ever with Charis and Drew's names.

Us hostesses with the mostesses with Courtney.

Michelle, Anna, Courtney(not looking pregnant with twins) Me, Pam, Laura

Us being "The Real Housewives".

( you don't have to leave a comment telling me how dorky we are, I already know)

Courtney and Pam:

It was a fun day, with fun girls.

The shower was at my friend Anna's house and I knew that you would want to see more, so I snuck some pics, just for you.

OK, do you see the harlequin ribbon? It didn't come that way. It is black ribbon that Anna stamped on with white paint to make the pattern. She's crazy, but crafty.

Anna's my friend that helped me paint my fridge.

Her house reflects her fun and colorful personality.

Speaking of personality....

It was also my dad's birthday. Of course he took us all out to dinner for the occasion!

Then we celebrated at my parent's house with cake and presents.

And look who my sister saw at the Texas State Fair yesterday:

For reals.

Texas: I hope you were on your best behavior, because normally when you are televised nationally you tend to the let the inner (or outer) redneck come out big and bold.

Thank you God for fun friends, a sweet family, and a State Fair so great, that Oprah and her BFF want to visit.