Two Cute

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of my friend, Courtney's, twins. We have been looking forward to these babies for a long time.

Cutest cake ever with Charis and Drew's names.

Us hostesses with the mostesses with Courtney.

Michelle, Anna, Courtney(not looking pregnant with twins) Me, Pam, Laura

Us being "The Real Housewives".

( you don't have to leave a comment telling me how dorky we are, I already know)

Courtney and Pam:

It was a fun day, with fun girls.

The shower was at my friend Anna's house and I knew that you would want to see more, so I snuck some pics, just for you.

OK, do you see the harlequin ribbon? It didn't come that way. It is black ribbon that Anna stamped on with white paint to make the pattern. She's crazy, but crafty.

Anna's my friend that helped me paint my fridge.

Her house reflects her fun and colorful personality.

Speaking of personality....

It was also my dad's birthday. Of course he took us all out to dinner for the occasion!

Then we celebrated at my parent's house with cake and presents.

And look who my sister saw at the Texas State Fair yesterday:

For reals.

Texas: I hope you were on your best behavior, because normally when you are televised nationally you tend to the let the inner (or outer) redneck come out big and bold.

Thank you God for fun friends, a sweet family, and a State Fair so great, that Oprah and her BFF want to visit.


Brandi said...

Love the cake and decorations for the shower.. way cute!!!!! You guys sure do know how to decorate. I wish I was creative like you!! AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of Anna's house. It's gorgeous!

I can't wait to watch Oprah at the State Fair! If my baby wasn't sick I would have gone to see her.

Fabiola said...

The perfect baby shower decoration. It was really cute.


Momma Jac said...

Okay, love the Texas comments too funny-just made my day!

Katy said...

The party for the twins is Crazy Cute!!! Love all of the decorations you girls did. Your friend has a great house...I like her colorful home. {As well as yours.}.......

Katy said...

Speaking of colorful homes......I would beg and plead for you to give me some friendly helpful advice on my kitchen. I'm an artsy person (which does not show in my home at all), but cannot figure out the 'color' for the kitchen at ALL.
Would love some real input on this b/c I REALLY like the colorful spirit in your home.
I'll be posting pics. soon, but there are some pics. up right now b/c we're in the process of redoing floors.
here's my email if you would like to give me any advice

p.s. i understand comepletely if you don't want to help since you don't know me. :)

Lauren said...

Fantastic looking shower...love the decor...and the home decor as well! Your friends and you have great style! :) What fun to see Oprah!

Anonymous said...

Dang it...I just typed you a long note and it got deleted. I wanted to say that Oprah looks horrible in the first pic...I'm thinking she might have already spotted a "redneck"...oh no :) She better have had fun though because we have the greatest state ever!! And, that Courtney's shower was super cute...I'm SO sad I couldn't be there! She's so stinkin' cute :) Also, thanks for keeping me in the fashion loop...I had my mom go get me one :)

Tori said...

What a great party! I've stalked your blog for a long time now and I envy your creativity SO much! You gave me the inspiration to finally paint and distress my dining room hutch! And it was totally worth it! You are such a talented lady!

G.B. said...

What a great shower you had...and how funny about Oprah:)...by the way...I love the scarf you are wearing in that one picture...it's to die for!!