Do You Want to Come Over and Shop?

The Christmas decorations are coming out on Tuesday!
I have a good reason, really.
I am hosting the 4th Annual Holiday Shopping Open House at my place on Saturday the 21st.
So the house HAS to be Christmassy! I just has to.

These are pictures from last year's Open House. We have 9 girls setting up and selling their cute things. You really can get some great Christmas gifts here! To get more info, you can go to: http://www.holidayshoppingopenhouse2009.blogspot.com/

And if you live in the DFW area and want to come, leave me a comment with your email address, and I will email you my address. I would love to meet all of you in real life!

So, now I have less than 2 weeks to get all my Christmas stuff up, finish house projects, and bead and make one million things to sell. No problem.
Project #1: I am going to hang these mirrors in my hallway. Do you think I should paint them different colors or leave them all white? It's just a coincidence that they are all white, but maybe God is telling me that I have more than enough on my plate, so leave them already and go clean your house!

And I need to create something out of these beautiful beads:

Oh, look what I got last week:

I love it and it looks like it was made for my kitchen.
And milkshakes are Marcus's favorite food group.
So, it was meant to come home with me.

I have needed something for above my sink, because having a blank space was just killing me. So, the sign saved my life.
OK, DFW girls: leave a comment with your email address if you want to come to the open house. Try to leave me with the feeling that you are normal and NOT a serial killer. It would help if you had a blog or at least told me what city you live in.
And if you are a serial killer, Jesus loves you, but don't come over!


Brooklynn said...

Dine you are too funny. I am not, nor ever plan on becoming a serial killer :) Just thought I would share.

Dawn said...

Dina! I can't wait to come and do some major shopping!

I love, love the milkshake sign!

Leave the mirrors they way they are.

Rachel said...

Dina, I would love to come! I have two sweet babies, and this sounds like the perfect mom's night out! I'm in Bedford, just off 183 and Brown Trail...and I'm totally normal, I promise. :)

Elizabeth said...

I would love to come, you can check out my blog and find out I'm just a regular person with lots of kiddos and always on the go! My e-mail address is elizabethadeloera@hotmail.com. My mother and I would love this :)

Candice said...

I think you should leave them white! They are so pretty just like they are! I wish I lived in Dallas and I would come for sure! All of your stuff looks amazing!

Taylin said...

If I lived in the DFW area I would so be at your shopping open house. It sounds like lots of fun. I have been a long time lurker on your blog and have loved every post!! Your decorating ideas are awesome. You have inspired me a lot lately! Love the mirrors the way they are but would also like to see them a little more funkier! Have fun!

Stacey said...

I so wished I lived in the DFW area! I am a real person that loves your decorating ideas and all the bead work you do! You have inspired me to add more color into my home and I am loving it!!!! Thanks Dina for all the great idea, keep them coming!

Meagan said...

Hi Dina! I would love love love to come! We've already met so you know I'm just a good ol' Texas gal with a sweet baby girl - not a serial killer.


Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Love the milkshake sign! I live outside of Dallas and would love to come shop at your place if my husband can babysit. : )


Staci said...

oooh, ooooh!! I am SOO there! I got your email and you read my blog and we already know we are SOOO alike. (Helloooo... fountain cokes and polka dots!) Never have been and never plan on being a serial killer. I kind of like my life the way it is. Anyway, I will be there and will be ready to shop!

3LittleByrds said...

Oh how I wish I lived in DFW. I would loved to have come but I'm in Fla. :( We might be moving to DFW in the summer for dh's work. Any recommendations for towns or good schools for kids?

Jennifer said...

I think you should leave them white. And I wish I lived in DFW, but I am in Houston! Darn!

happyhubbub said...

Yay - I'm in the area!!

I'm gonna do my best to make it; our days are getting busier and busier but I hope you'll send me an email cuz I'm a "normal" non-serial killing type (ha!). Seriously, who has time to hunt people down and deal with all the bodies? I have laundry to do!!


Co Captain aka Mommy said...

I soooo want to come! You know I am NOT a serial killer! Maybe I'll come with Amy. By the way, I LOVE her guest bedroom you helped her with. I NEED help. I have a VERY blank entry way with a HUGE wall....I think you would love to get your hands on it!!! By the way, it's me, Christine (from Trinity and Tech!!)

the gereckes said...

man...hating myself for never coming in the past...but that probably saved my family bunches of money we didn't have anyway :) hope you have fun...if you ever want to come do a craft show in Portugal...let me know :) Seriously...we need to work on that idea because they have craft sales ALL THE TIME here...they love it!

Tina & Scott said...

I would SO be there, with bells on, but we live in north Austin! Shoot!
Once again, I am loving all your decor and would die to see your casa all decorated, in "real" life, for Christmas!!!
Keep the mirrors white...esp if they are going on a colored wall!
p.s. thanks for your help w/the black cabinets...still haven't touched them, but when we do, I'll send some pics!

Anonymous said...

I would love to come, I live in Granbury and work in Ft Worth on Camp Bowie and am not a serial killer, promise (even though I'm pretty sure a serial killer would say that.You are brave!).I'm in the process of getting a blog together. rebeccagprice@yahoo.com


Linda said...

Dina, I found your blog several months ago, not sure how.....but I know you (used to come to your store on Glenview) and we've known your sweet husband for years....little league baseball, plus FWC ties.....and I have been to one of your open houses in years past, not sure if it was when you lived across the street though. My email is flred23@aol.com.Would love to come to your open house...Linda Letz

Katy said...

Man, would I love to come to your shop in your house thing...(forgot what ya called it already). He he!!
The last years pic. looks so cute/pretty...FUN FUN times!
Hey girl, not a serial killer but ...your countertops are KILLING me b/c I love them. I have loved butcher block counter tops forever. Are they real or laminate? Love or hate them?
I'm still trying to figure out a GREAT INEXPENSIVE something to use on my countertops.......give me a shout if you wouldn't mind.

Amy said...

hahahaha, you're funny. i hope you know i'm not a serial killer because i lived with you for 4 years. and you have my address and i'll be there. (probably along with my mother, the birthday girl and christine)

Jenn said...

Dina! I wanna come and I know my friend does too! Please count us in! I think you can e-mail me from my blog...

P.S. I am not a serial killer :)

Cortni said...

I did not realize that you were in the DFW area! Awesome.

my email is ckobagby@yahoo.com and my blog is http://BagbyBunch.blogspot.com

P.S. I too, am not a serial killer and I live in Watauga, over by North Richland Hills.

Erin said...

You are so funny! I live too far away to come, darn it, but it looks like fun. Leave the mirror frames white.

Frugal Jen said...

Looking forward to it! I'm still craving Chipotle. We've got to reschedule soon.

Judy said...

Dina, I would love to come to your place. I've just begun following your blog via Kelly's Korner. I live in Celina, north of Plano and Frisco. I love the way you decorate!

Judy said...

This is Judy again. I forgot to leave my email address:


Danielle said...

Hi Dina! My name is Danielle & I think your blog is awesome!! I, too, began following your blog off of Kelly's Korner! I keep saying when I have time I will start one of my own. I would love to be able to come to the open house - as long as I have someone to stay with my kiddoes! I live in Kennedale, right outside of Arlington & Ft.Worth. My email address is jerodan@sbcglobal.net. =)

Pamela said...

Ha! Too funny and I love your kitchy kitchen!! The new sign is just perfect! I think Houston is a little bit far but what fun it would be!

The Rowland Crew said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner, and I have been reading it for a few months. I live just north of the Flower Mound, Lewisville area, and I would love to come to your Holiday Shopping day if I can work it out next Saturday. My emily address is emily_rowland@hotmail.com, and just so you know I am normal -ha!- my blog is therowlandcrew@blogspot.com.

MandyD said...

Hi Dina,

My name is Mandy and I would love to come shop (favorite thing to do). I live in Arlington and i promise I am not a serial killer! I love your house and have been reading your blog for months via Kelly's Korner. I plan at some point to start something up myself. I love to craft so everything in your house inspires me! My email address is mandyf03@yahoo.com. Let me know!

Rae said...

I am not a serial killer (haven't even killed one person, actually) but I don't live in the area, alas. This is the best excuse that I have ever seen for early decorating.

I actually like the idea of the mirrors all being white. And it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. So I vote for leaving them as is.