I'm A Little Bit Tired

The Open House was a HUGE success today. We had so much fun and I met some sweet blogger friends in real life. Thanks for making the trip out here!

(ooh, did you notice my new awning? Marcus just hung it for me last night!)

For those of you that could not come, here's what you missed:
Kylie's things:

Ryane's things. You can find more of her beautiful creations here.

Brooke's things from 31 Gifts.

My things:

Sharon's things from Glazed From The Heart

My Mom's scarves:
She had a table FULL when we started and only had 4 scarves left at the end of the open house!

She's the one on the left.

My sister, Kelly's, things:

Desiree's things:

Angie's things:

It was a great day , but now I'm ready for my day of rest tomorrow!


Brooklynn said...

Thank you for having us out! It was so nice to meet you :)

Audra said...

Looks fun! Can't wait to see more of your decorations! I have the same big Santa head that you have on your wall. How clever to hang it over something-I made a wreath with mine.

Anonymous said...

Looked like a lot of fun. Tons of cute stuff! :)

Dawn said...

Thanks for having me! It was great to meet you in person! Your house looked wonderful. You are truly talented!

BTW, I love the new awning! Where do you find things like that?! And the mirrors/frames in the hall looked really nice.

Unknown said...

Sorry, I didn't make it Dina! I hope you did great!

Cortni said...

It was so nice to meet you, thank you for having me!!

I did not realize that the scarf lady was your mom! I grabbed up a BEAUTIFUL white fuzzy scarf from her! I love it!

And your house is even better in person! Now that I know we live so close to each other, we should get together for lunch sometime!

Thanks again!

Brittany said...

i wish i had been @ this sale!!! oh and love the new addition to the wall. looks awesome

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

What a wonderful idea!

Frugal Jen said...

I enjoyed it! I've already worn my new necklace!

Your home is just wonderful. I enjoyed seeing your decorating in person. Wow, love it!!!

Nicole said...

Gosh .. you all aren't a creative bunch or anything are you??? I could have wiped out my Christmas list in ten minutes flat! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting us all invade your home last weekend. It was so beautiful! I have a friend and we always say that people are on overly stimulated when they leave our homes, I have to say for once I was overly stimulated when I left someone else's, I love ALL of your stuff! Thanks again for allowing me (a stranger) to come to your home, it was a treat! Rebecca
(I bought your red bucket with the stones on the handles; I am planning on putting a tree inside it for the holidays!)