Partying Like It's 2009

We have been Christmassing around here, so there is has not been much time for blogging. And it's kind of like the laundry, the longer you go with out doing it, the bigger the job becomes. So now I have blog posts and laundry stacking up!

Last week we had the Golightly's party.

We had a pretty brutal gift exchange. These people look nice, but don't be fooled. I am probably the worst of all. I don't mind stealing gifts from people.

It's all part of the game!

Check out the Golightly's blog soon, because I am going to post more pictures of Janet's beautiful house.

Ooh and look what I had to steal TWICE to win!

And that cute towel on the left.

I am sorry, but I am pretty sure that stuff matches my house better than anybody else's.

Then this weekend, we had Marcus's high school friends over for dinner:

I didn't have a tablecloth big enough for my table, so I had to improvise with some wrapping paper. It held up really well.

Here are some of the cute people at the party:

All these boys were groomsmen in our wedding too.

Tomorrow I will tell you what this cute picture is about!

Now it's time to tackle some laundry!


Candice said...

What an amazing idea with the wrapping paper on the table! You are so creative!!!

Brooklynn said...

glad you're back!

Dawn said...

Wrapping paper? So creative!

Unknown said...

I know what that cute picture is all about!!!!

Rae said...

Love the gift you stole ;) and love your table!

the undomesticated wife said...

I love the gifts you stole at the party! And you are right, they will be perfect in your house!

cindy said...

that looks like a man who is going to be a father...and quite happy about it.