Busy Bees

I am glad to have my computer back, but I got a few things done in the meantime.

Look how clean my extra closets got! I should have taken before pictures and put them on my Keeping It Real post, but you might not have wanted to be friends with me anymore. They were a disaster!

I have some hand me down baby things in this closet. I did buy that cherry dress a few years ago for my baby. It is a 12 month size so it will be perfect for next summer. Unless of course it's a boy. Marcus would never let me put him in that!

Also, Marcus buffed and waxed our kitchen floors. I sat on the couch and watched him.

And took pictures of course. They look so pretty!

We did all this because we put our house on the market today!

I know, kinda sad, huh?

We are OK with it. We figured we should get something a little bit cheaper before the baby comes. I am not going to be working part time after he/she is born and Marcus won't be either. He will still have his full time fireman gig, but won't have his side business. He says he wants to be home with the baby when he can. So that is worth having a cheaper house, don't you think?

We still have several last minute things to do. We are having an open house this Saturday, so it for sure has to be ready by then. Will you pray we get a contract with in the week? I know that's ambitious, but I want to be moved before I start my third trimester.

If you want to live here, just let me know!


Under The Weather

Not Me, but my computer.
It has had an icky virus since Thursday! It's hard to be without the internet for 5 days! So I have lots of catching up to do on my blog reading and emailing now. It is amazing what you can accomplish in 5 days without the distraction of the internet though. I'll show you what I have been up to tomorrow.
And some of you asked where I got my green couch. It is from Broyhill. They didn't offer the couch in that color. It was one of the throw pillow choices and I asked if they could make the couch in that fabric. It's a micro fiber, so it's very durable. They did it at no extra cost. I got it in July 2008, so it may still be available.
OK I am sure I will be on the computer for the next 3 hours catching up!


Where I Shop

Kelly's Korner is hosting a "Show Us Where You Shop" tour.

Do you have a Charming Charlie near you? I love it. I wish the web site had better pictures. They carry jewelry and every accessory you can imagine. And they display it all in color groups.

Ooh and their flip flop selection is like flip flop heaven!

And lately I have been obsessed with looking at maternity clothes online. I haven't bought any yet, but I really can't wait to let my tummy hang out!

So far I have found some really cute and affordable things at Old Navy:

Do you have any other suggestions of where I can find some clothes to fit my growing belly?

Another place I have been perusing lately is the Cotton Candy Shop:

They have the CUTEST things for babies.

I have been coveting the bows and tutus.

Marcus saw me looking at the sight the other day and asked, "Do they have any camo?"

They actually did! I am more into the frilly fu-fu stuff.

And of course my favorite place to shop is Golightly's.

Several things in my house are from there.

It's always fun to look around and get ideas too!

Happy Shopping!


Keeping It Real

I always show you pictures of my house like this:

and this:

and this:

Since we have been friends for a while now, I want to show you how it really is most of the time.

Laundry on the couch, dishes and cups on the table and there is ALWAYS a pair of shoes on the floor:

To be fair (to me) this picture was taken last week when I had a migraine for 4 days straight. I was capable of getting NOTHING done. But it is pretty typical.

This is exactly what my bathroom looks like after I get ready. I always wash my face and brush my teeth in Marcus's sink, because mine usually has a hair dryer or Chi in it. Water rarely has come out of that tap.

See...more cups. I am a thirsty girl. Sadly it looks like I staged this picture with all the drawers and doors open. I did not.

And the kitchen sink:

I actually don't mind loading the dishwasher. I just don't like to unload it. That's what these dishes are waiting for.

I am not the kind of person that would let anybody in my house looking like this though. If I know people are coming over, even my family, everything is cleaned and picked up. That's why my closets are a mess!

I just didn't want to give any kind of false advertising about myself. I am domestically challenged.


The Weekend

My niece and nephew spent the night this weekend. Morgan wanted to sleep on the pink snowman sheets before it was time to take them off. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them, but I got a picture of their "guys". This is when Morgan put them down for a nap.

Honey bear is the second from the left. I gave him to Morgan on Valentine's Day 8 years ago. He has been loved to pieces. My sister has had to restuff him and sew him quite a bit. He's a lot skinnier then he used to be, and he's balding.

This weekend we also Celebrated my friend Courtney's 31st birthday. What a difference a year makes. You can see Courtney's 30th birthday here. Last year we were both wanting to be moms. This year Courtney has brand new twins at home and I have one in the oven. God is good.

I also redeemed myself by attempting to make the Giant cupcake cake again.

This is what it looked like last time I tried to make it:

Marcus made some delicious brisket. He never messes up his recipes.

We took the food to Courtney's, because it's a lot easier to come to her these days.

Here are the husbands, Stephen (Courtney's baby daddy and husband, my husband, and Atticus, Anna's husband)

Here is Courtney with Charis.
She just had twins 3 weeks ago and has a totally flat stomach! It's a little irritating.

And here's Drew.

I can't show one without the other.

And I wanted to show you their super cute nursery:

And I forgot to get a picture of Anna. I just happen to have this picture of her in her pantry, and I have wanted a reason to put in on my blog. So here is my chance.

She's got one in the oven too! It will be her THIRD!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


I'm Advanced

I had my 12 week appointment last week and the baby looks great. They checked for Down Syndrome and MADE me take the blood test due to my Advanced Maternal Age. If I heard that term once I heard it 25 times during the appointment.

The sonogram showed no signs of Downs. I do have to see a specialist around 17 weeks also due to my Advanced Maternal Age, to check all the baby's organs. I am fine with that, because he will be able to tell me what I am having.... a girl. My doctor doesn't tell until 20 weeks, so it pays to be advanced. My mom is scared I will be disappointed if I am having a boy. No way. I obviously love boys. At one point in my life I was boy crazy. I just think it's a girl.

I have had this girl bedding picked out since 2005 and I still LOVE it.

I don't have any nursery ideas for a boy yet. I don't think I'll need them!
To be honest, I was so glad to see my baby and everything looking good so far, but it was extremely humbling too. I know so many people that have had miscarriages or other issues. We may never know this side of Heaven why God's plans are they way they are, but I trust Him. And I have been thanking Him over and over for this baby.


Let's Talk TV

I figured it was about time for me to update my blog. The funny thing is, in my head I thought I would challenge myself to blog everyday in January. Ha! It's the 11th and this is my 2nd post. That shows how disciplined I am. Maybe I will try to conquer that in February, it's a shorter month.

I am still tired, so tired, and maybe now just a little bit lazy? And the past week it has been FREEZING cold here. The real kind of freezing. So it has not been fun to get out. I have spent lots of time on my couch with my snuggie. So now I am going to talk about my week of TV.

*First, Marcus and I watched Facing the Giants, finally. I loved it. Santa put it in his stocking this Christmas.
A church in Georgia makes movies with all volunteers! Nobody gets paid, not even Kirk Cameron in Fireproof. We haven't seen Flywheel yet, but I guess that's next.
* I just started watching The Office. My friend Courtney peer pressured me into it. Now I am a little bit addicted. The problem is that it's on TV like 4 or 5 times a day. I am trying to catch up on all of them, but they are out of order, so I get confused. I have tried to watch it in the past, but sometimes the awkwardness of Michael just kills me! I have gotten over that a little bit and now I think he's funny. Sometimes I still have to change the channel though if I can't handle it.
And I'm really watching it for Jim and Pam!
* Speaking of awkward, The Bachelor! Sometimes those girls are just embarrassing themselves! I haven't watched tonight's episode yet, but I can't wait! This show makes me cringe a lot, but I can't stop watching it!
* And finally, Chuck! I love this show. This is not normally the type of show that I like, but I love every second of it. The new season started last night with two of the best episodes.
So this week it's supposed to be a little bit warmer and I am starting my second trimester, so maybe I will start to live my life a little more. We'll see.
I did get to see my baby last week, so I'll tell you about that tomorrow. I have some Bachelor to watch now!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It's 2010! Shouldn't we have flying cars by now? It just sounds so futuristic...2010!

My new year started out perfect! My friend Catherine called in the morning, because she made Pioneer Woman's delicious cinnamon rolls and wanted to share. I am so glad you did Catherine. They were delicious!

It's so freeing to be able to start the new year and not pretend like one of my resolutions is to lose weight. My belly is actually allowed to get bigger. That's a good year in my book!

So, Catherine made me want to get all Betty Crocker and whip up something of my own. Sausage Balls! We love them and always make them around the holidays.

The giant bummer was that we had to throw out the ENTIRE batch of sausage balls. They tasted sweet? gag. I realized I used buttermilk pancake mix instead of regular. They were terrible. I do stuff like that ALL the time. I always ruin food. It's sad, really.

All my Christmas is down and now the house looks nekkid. Usually it's still lingering around until the middle of January, but this year I was ready to clean it up! We had an icky weather day last week, so Marcus and I stayed home and got it done. It took ALL day long! Now I need to dust, vacuum and clean, but I don't wanna. I am hoping the "magical" 2nd trimester feeling is going to kick in real soon.

*And I have a prayer request:*
I have a blog friend, Fabiola, and her new year has been a nightmare. She lives in Brazil and she commented on my blog last year that we were living similar lives. We both had been married about 10 years, with no kids, but were both trying to be parents for a long time. I was so thrilled for her when she announced her pregnancy this fall. Then I couldn't believe it when I became pregnant about a month after her. Crazy.

Well she had to go into the hospital on New Year's Eve, because she was leaking amniotic fluid. The doctor's told her it is all gone now and there is no way the baby can survive. Please lift Fabiola and her husband up in your prayers. Thank you!

I pray you all have a fabulous and blessed New Year.