I'm Pregnant

I am fully aware that I told you all that I was pregnant sometime in December. And I found out right before Thanksgiving. BUT it is just now sinking in.

I think it's because I am getting a round belly and I am already waddling sometimes. I guess my bones or ligaments are stretching and it makes walking a little uncomfortable. I haven't felt the baby move yet, but Marcus and I saw my stomach moving a little last night. That was a little crazy. And to be honest I am kind of scared to feel the baby move in me. It might freak me out.

And sometimes I am hesitant to write about my pregnancy on my blog, because I know so many of you want to have babies and I sure hate to rub my pregnancy in your face. Then I realized, me being pregnant could give you some hope. We tried or at least didn't prevent a baby for 5 years. There were times I wondered if it would ever happen. I had a real peace about everything though. I didn't want a baby if God didn't want me to have one. I just stayed thankful for the things we did have. There was a time or three I wondered what my identity as a woman would be if I wasn't a mom though. It feels like you don't "fit" sometimes around other girls unless you have your kids to talk about.

So know that I know how blessed I am to be pregnant. I don't take it for granted. I shouldn't shy away from the subject, because this is a miracle from God.

Some pregnancy updates at 18 weeks:

*I haven't barfed at all! And I don't plan on it.

* I am hungry a lot. My hunger usually wakes me up at 5 am. I don't feel like eating, but I have to.

*I have lost 2 pounds so far. Who knew getting pregnant would make me lose weight?

*I haven't worn maternity clothes yet, but I need to. I got a Bella band to use on my existing pants and I love it.

*We will find out the gender in a little over a week. On March 2nd. Of course I will let everyone know!

* Our girl name is Katie and our boy name is Jack. We have had those picked out for YEARS. I like traditional names, because mine is NOT. It always gets misspelled or mispronounced. For those of you that don't know, Dina rhymes with Tina or Gina.

*I am craving more salty than sweet. Which is crazy, because I LOVE sugar. It's probably how I have lost 2 pounds.

* Tomorrow begins the official "Advanced" in the Advanced Maternal Age I keep hearing about. I will be 35.

And my sweet mother in law took me shopping for some clothes for my birthday. Here are a few things we got at Motherhood Maternity:

I will get them tomorrow at my birthday party, and not a moment too soon. I am busting out of most things. It's funny, because it surprises me every morning?


Katie@Yoga Gal said...

That is so wonderful for you! Of course, I, being a Katie, love the name that you picked out. :) And my younger sister's name is Deena- sounds like yours although spelled differently.

I was in Target the other day and they had the cutest maternity clothes- might want to check them out.

I only puked one time for both of my pregnancies and both times we were on trips. And that was one time too many, urgh. I feel so bad for the women who get terrible morning sickness.

Take care and congrats! The first baby is such an exciting and terrifying time!

Ben and Audrey said...

congrats to you & your hubby!! being a mom is the most wonderful blessing. i have a 15 month old little boy, Jack. (so of course i just LOVE your little boy name!) and i have a 3 week old little girl, Jovie Claire.

i love your blog & i read it all the time!! glad you are feeling so well! enjoy your pregnancy it will be over before you know it!

3LittleByrds said...

If you think you waddle now or are uncomfortable just wait til the end of pregnancy. :) It's so worth it though and feeling them kick is really neat. It's an amazing thing. My mom had a hard time getting pregnant. It took her 5 yrs. of not preventing to get me and another 10 yrs. after me to get my sister. Everyone use to ask her why she waited so long between us and she'd say I didn't God did. :) All in his timing.

kimert said...

So happy for you!! Cute clothes, I am sure you will wear them well. :) I love the names Katie and Jack..cute!

Dawn said...

I love both the names you picked out. Enjoy your birthday and the new clothes are super cute!

Three Is NOT A Crowd said...

Cute clothes!
I craved salt with all three of mine. Don't know if it means boy or girl because I had both! Sweet made me SICK! And I usually am a sugar junkie! You will prob start feeling your baby move really soon. I always did around the gender ultrasound!
Love the names! We went with traditional names too. I HATE my name. It's not uncommon, it's just a liquor {Brandy} ha!
Congratulations and Best of Luck!

Tricia Nae said...

Happy Early Birthday!! What an amazing way to spend it!! Congrats girl. How is the house showing going?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! It took me a while to realize I was feeling my baby move at first. It felt like a little flutter. : )

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, yes my nana and all my family is very sad we're moving. ALL our family is here in Fla. so it's going to be a big adjustment. We're planning our move for the summer it looks like probably sometime in June or beginning of July. Maybe we can get together since I'll have no friends there. Would be neat. Also do you know of any good churches in the Grapevine,Colleyville area? We desperately want to find a good church home. Can't wait to find out what your having. I love the names you've chosen.

Kelly said...

I know how you felt. I felt so guilty blogging about my pregnancy because I wanted to be sensitive to those who were waiting. I always worried I was hurting feelings. But I also knew it was my blog and I wanted to preserve my memories and I hoped it would somehow give others hope. This is YOUR blog and after your wait - you should enjoy every second of it!!!!
Happy Birthday!!! I can't wait to find out what you are having!
And P.S. I love advanced maternal aged moms - I was 35 too! Band together!

Fabiola said...

You have all the right to blog about your pregnancy. It is your blog.

As for the names, I have an unconventional name for English speakers and for Portuguese speakers, so I agree with you. Traditional names are the best.

PS: The maternity clothes are really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Dina( a common portuguese name)!!! Enjoy your day and good luck with your pregnancy, hope everything goes well and you get a healthy baby( girl!). I will have to wait until the 9th to know.
I understand what you mean by "freak me out", during my second pregnancy(37y) Isabela moved so much it was scary! I have a gap of 13 years between my girls.
I also lost weight, couldn't even drink water! Hope you can eat a slice of cake?!
Kind regards, Marisia ( unusual name as well)

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

So glad you are doing so well and um..I'm loving your girl name :) It's a great name and I've enjoyed having it my 26 yrs of life!

The house is looking great! Praying y'all get a contract soon!


Vanessa said...

We are having our gender ultrasound on the very same day! How exciting! I love your names! Very traditional and sweet. We go for unique names. I liked being the only Vanessa in my class. So I want my children to have the same unique feeling, but I can see how having your name misspelled or mispronounced can be frustrating.

Having the baby move was one of my favorite things. I hope it doesn't freak you out too much ;)

Tammy said...

Go to Much to do with nothing blogspot. She is having a custom made nursery bedding give away!!

Caroline said...

Yeah for bring pregnant. I am also pregnant and also 18 weeks, our due date is July 21st, what is yours. It is fun reading about someone who is pregnant at the same time. We find out the sex on Friday I am so excited!
Blog more about your pregnancy, if you plan on having more then you'll enjoy going back and reading about the milestones and comparing them to your other pregnancy.
This is my third and I have forgotten when I first felt movement or how much weight I gain at certain points.
Anyway, I love reading about it, so you can blog about it for me :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you feel so great and feeling the baby is amazing. I'm glad you share it brings such hope.
Happy Birthday! You're going to look cute in your new mommy wardrobe.

Little April said...

Happy Birthday! I craved more Sweet than Salty with both my pregnacies and I am usually a Salty person, strange huh!

The Kelsos said...

Uh oh, this means you are having a Jack. :) I was just like you, loved SUGAR, and when I was pregnant with Grayer, all I wanted was salty things. I could SO be wrong, but that's my prediction now!

Unknown said...


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